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Huai’an Library
Huai’an Library lies in the southwest of the city, that is, in the south of Xichang Street and the east of Wanliu pool. The library was founded in 1996. Its cover area is 3000㎡ and the building area is 1800㎡. It has the Book Purchasing and Cataloguing Room, the Lending Room, the Children Reading Room, the Data Room, the Scientific and Technological Information Room and the Ancient Books Room etc in the library. The amount of collection books is 170,000 in which 18,000 books are traditional Thread-bound Collections. The Children Mobile Library which set up in Huai’An by UN Foundation and Song Qingling UNICEF is also in this library. The library has one mobile car and eighteen mobile places.
Address: No.91st Beijing RD North, Huai’an City, Jiangsu Province.