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Goals of the Eleventh Five-Year-Plan
On the basis of the current foundation and conditions, faced with new situations of development, the Eleventh Five-Year-Plan will be emphasized on “Six Adheres”: 1. Adhere to the theme of fast development. We have to be faster in the following three aspects: faster than provincial average development, faster than the average level of the tenth Five-Year-Plan development, and faster than average development of the NJ (Northern Area of Jiangsu Province). We are going to keep enhancing our economic power in high speed. 2. Adhere to the application point of optimizing industrial structure, changing development mode. Not only to expand our development in quantity but to promote the economic development quality. Speed up strategic adjustment of economy structure. Promote unification of three aspects in economic development: speed, structure, benefit. Boom cycle economy by which to maintain a fine ecological environment and contribute to a better society construction. The better society should be characterized as saving energy and with friendly environment. Economic development should go harmonious along with population, resources, and environment, so as to enhance our sustainable development capability. 3. Adhere to general aim of well-being Society (national average annual income over 800 dollars per capita). We are going to adhere to our general guideline of “Strive 14 years to achieve well being” while making our Eleventh Five-Year-Plan either in general layout and direction or detailed planning and implementation. 4. Adhere to the motive of reform and innovation to power our economic development. We are going to deepen all reforms and the system of innovation mechanism, by which to sweep away obstacles in our development way, so as to power our rapid development capability. Key part in the chain of future work, e.g. adjusting industrial structure, changing development mode, is to enhance our innovative capability and to promote technical progress. 5. Adhere to the foundation of enriching the people as priority, which is the basis of constructing harmonious society. We should adhere to principle of development for the people, by the people. The people’s fundamental benefits should always be considered important. Do implement all measures improving the people’s income in the urban and the rural areas. We are going to maintain the balance among different people’s benefits of the rich, the ordinary, and the poor people’s; further complete our social security system; pay more attention to social justice; help the unprivileged class; all the people share the reform and development achievement. 6. Adhere to the principle of developing on an overall plan. Comply with Five Aspects of the overall Plan; attach great importance to the weak points of social economic development; make efforts to handle the asynchronous development between cities and countryside i.e. unbalanced economic situations, unharmonious relation between human and the nature world. Therefore, we are going to keep following the development approach of developing production to elevate the people’s living standard without destroying our fair ecological environment. Targets of our city in the Eleventh Five-Year-Plan include: double turnover; gaining double hundred in financial evaluation, expanding our city to a super large city, and working hard for wellbeing society. Main aim of our control and regulation is the realization of new stride in economic development; double current GDP by 2010, which should be RMB 112 billion; GDP per capita breaks through RMB20, 000 to RMB 20,260.00 (USD 2,600.00); financial income, is expected to reach RMB 20 billion with annual increase of 21.5%; re-double the fixed assets in our society with accumulated investment of RMB 300 billion. Structure adjustment takes on a new layout: industry 12.8%, agriculture 51.5%, and commerce 35.7%. The agricultural and commercial proportion will be promoted by 8.2%. Employees in these two industries will be over 70% all the employees. Investment of technical rebuilding will take a portion of over 53% fixed assets investment. Reduce ratio of output value to energy consumption by 20%. Private business value will occupy over 60% total value of all the business in the city. All reform breaks through. Go further step resolving enterprises’ problems coming with the system. Construct interior mechanism for fast development by ourselves. Promote market orientation among all companies. Have enterprises play main role in the market competition. Deepen reform among institutions sponsored by the government. Split political affairs from institution businesses. Build up buoyant operation mechanism. Step on reforming system of executive’s administration to relieve the government from these businesses for better control of economy, society, market monitoring and public service. Promote reforming system of investment and financing, realizing diversification of the employment subject. Complete and deepen countryside reform, promote sustainable and stable development of countryside economy. Go higher on the steps of reforming and being open to the world. Total value of import and export is expected to achieve USD 1.7 billion with annual increment of 20%. Registered foreign capital, in Chinese bank account, is expected to be accumulated up to USD1.4 billion with annual increment of 30%. Foreign turnover will be accumulated up to USD 0.9 billion with annual increment of 15%. Domestic investment is expected to be accumulated over RMB130 billion. New achievements will be seen in the city development. Urban population is 2.5 million including 46% urban citizens. Downtown area will be as big as of 120 km2 with over 1 million citizens, which should be a super large city. Xuyi, Lianshui will be a medium size city, Jinhu, Hongze will become characteristic small cities. Besides, we are going to construct 10 central towns and 30 small towns. After the construction, the city will become a system of city and country towns with reasonable layout and characteristics. In the construction of new socialistic new countryside, we are going to vote 10 villages as provincial examples, 100 villages as municipal examples, and 200 villages will also be listed for their characteristics or their size. New situation will be seen in social development. R&D budget will takes 1% of provincial GDP; Hi-tech output value will be over 15% among big enterprises. Maintain less than 1% drop-out among compulsory education schools; Over 90% (gross) of middle school students are to be admitted by high school. Establish new universities to expand higher education opportunities to new level of over 40% (gross). Urban, countryside cultural, sports, and games facilities will be completed; Family outlay in culture, education and entertainment will take over 15%; 95% of health service system should be in completed state; Natural population growth rate will be controlled around 5‰. The people’s life standard will be elevated. Urban citizens’ disposable income will be up to RMB14, 700.00 per capita by annual increment of 10%. Farmers’ net income will be RMB5, 600.00 per capita by annual increment of 7%. Engel's coefficient will be down to less than 40%; urban floorage per capita will be 30 m2. Farmers will have room(s) of 40 m2 floorage made of re-bar and bricks. The three main insurances oriented to urban employees, countryside poverty assistance system and new cooperative medical server oriented to countryside will cover the entire city, downtown and countryside. Registered rate of the unemployed will be controlled below 4%; Living environment of the city will be promoted greatly i.e. 40% of the city area will be characterized with ecology, parks and green plants. Forest coverage of the city will be 22% and environmental quality composite index will be over 80 points.