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Tasks in the Eleventh Five-Year-Plan


New city to be featured in industrial strength; Accelerate promoting new modes of industrialization

1) Adjust and Optimize Economic Structure; Construct New Advantage in Industry Development

① Optimize industrial regional layout, and strengthen the supporting role of urban industries, and promote the centralizing, accumulative, and intensive development of the eight pillar industries such as chemical and metallurgy.

②Develop pillar industries. Sitting on resource advantage and the current foundation of industries, try to build a group of advanced enterprises own intellectual properties developed by themselves, famous brands and strong market competitive edge. They are expected to lead other companies in the city to speedy development of industry and economy. By the year 2010, eight main industries or pillar industries should contribute 90% of sales income among all industries of the city.

③ Cultivate industrial backbone enterprises. Speed up cultivating and developing famous, competitive big enterprises, big groups with large scale of output and sales value. It’s estimated to have more than 30 new companies with sales value over RMB 100 millions. By the end of the Eleventh Five-Year-Plan, there should be over 300 enterprises with matching sales value. We are going to try our best to cultivate more than 30 companies whose sales value reaches RMB 1 billion; over 10 companies of RMB 5 billion, and 1 company of RMB 10 billion. Therefore, we should actively push the enterprises into market.

2) Develop the growth point of industrial economy and increase the future economic growth.

① Be committed to the projects and expand investment input. Put emphasis on the strategy of introducing foreign capital (other than that of the province) for a batch of key and eminent projects e.g. Huai’an Steel Company’ plate’s production line of RMB 10 billion and Qingjiang Petrochemical oil process project with investment value of RMB 1.5 billion and Hankook tyres production capability expansion with investment value of RMB 1.4 billion etc.

② Focus on all key elements to speed up construction of economic development zone, and industrial parks etc. Leaning against the regional economic characteristics, enhance the elements flow for mutual benefits. Reasonably adjust city layout, by which to further speed up the construction steps of Development Zone or Industrial Parks in downtown and suburbs including counties or districts.

③ Promote industrial aggregation and cultivate industry cluster. The key is to gather similar companies or companies by which to save resources. This is the so called Thrift against Aggregation.

3) Speed up promoting technology progress and innovation, by which to promote companies’ core competitive edge.

① Rebuild and promote traditional industries; Promote hi-tech stride into industrialization. Speed up technology innovation of traditional industries.

② Accurate the speed of technology innovation; Build new innovative investment system, which involves multiple parties i.e. under government guidance, with companies being the main body, supported by banks, helped by investment of other resources. Enhance companies’ sense of their player part and raise R&D outlay ratio.

③ Promote developing new products. Backing technical innovation, develop a batch of products with high proportion of technology, high proportion of market share, and high proportion of added value and form a batch of hi-tech product clusters to lead product technical standard in various industries into continuous promotion and upgrading.

4) Develop international market with emphasis on building industry.

Bring into full display the adjusting function to meet the national investment structure adjustment and the structure adjustment among the building market specialties. Establish step by step the professional construction system which is combined by general contract, professional contract, and labor service subcontract and form an industrial group of reasonable construction, complete elements, and expansive overlay in the large, intermediate, and small scales.  .

II. Emphasize on enriching the farmers and steadily promote construction of new socialistic countryside

The new countryside is defined as development against production; ample, civilized countryside, neat and clean villages, democratic villages, with its aim to become modern new countryside. While constructing the new countryside, we are going to strike a balance between the urban and countryside economic and social development in the mean time, so as to construct the new countryside comprehensively.

1) Speed up developing modern agriculture, elevate agriculture composite benefit.

① Develop advantageous industries and put more efforts on base construction.

② Work hard on brand agriculture. Develop standard agriculture, and work out agricultural product quality standards, detecting, testing, and certificating system so as to promote agricultural product safety standard.

③ Promote flagship process

2) Develop non-agricultural industries. Enhance corresponding service capability, which is a trait in modern agriculture development.

① Cultivate professional countryside cooperative economic organizations.

② Complete market system construction

③ Develop industries serving agriculture development.

3) Accelerate countryside infrastructure construction; further improve farmers’ living conditions.

① More investment to agricultural infrastructure;

② Develop public utilities in countryside;

③ Promote constructing new communities in countryside.

4) Deepen reform in countryside, and enhance construction of the democratic political system on primary level of administrations.

①Improve reform of agriculture and countryside;

② Strengthen financial assistance to countryside development;

③ Enhance construction of the democratic political system on primary level of administrations.

Ⅲ Emphasize on cultivating new industries and promote the development of service industry

Keep rebuilding and elevating traditional service industry and speed up developing modern service at the same time. Develop producing service industry and daily life service industry at the same time. Speed up building modern service industry system, which should include more added value, multiple layers, more job opportunities and powerful leading force.

1) Rebuild and elevate traditional service industry, further promote service industry development standard

① Optimize trade and business layout and the industrial situation;

② Accelerate transportation service industry;

③ Elevate hotel and restaurants service standard comprehensively.

2) Develop producing service industry, supporting industrial and agricultural development.

① Develop modern transportation and logistics (goods distribution) service;

② Elevate financial service standard.

3) Develop new forms of service industries, and further optimize the structure of service industry.

① Develop tourism industry;

② Promote sustainable development of real estate industry;

③ Cultivate and develop commercial service industry;

④ Provide more free space for community service industry development.

Ⅳ Emphasize on downtown construction and speed up urbanization

 Guided by the central target of constructing large city covering a population of 20 million and many sub-cities in North Jiangsu area, we are to adhere to planning first; go along the main line of constructing central cities; based on counties and small towns, villages, to construct urban and suburb system with reasonable layout, complete functions, characteristics and harmonious development.

1) Enhance efforts to downtown construction so as to enhance the downtown influential coverage.

① Speed up new communities’ construction and old city rebuilding;

② Elevate the city grade;

③ Try the best to improve city functions;

④ Promote city administrative standard.

2) Elevate urban and suburb construction standard, and expand economic development space within counties.

① Develop county towns;

②. Speed up small town construction;

③ Enhance policy guide for urbanization development

3) Speed up infrastructure construction, and further improve the supporting conditions for urbanization development.

① Construct modern composite transportation system. We are to lay the emphasis on four key projects: a. trunk line road construction; b. sail-route, seaports and stations etc. construction; c. railroad hinge construction; d. strive to start constructing Huai’an Airport.

② Construct high standard flood protective system. We are going to lay the emphasis on the construction of danger-elimination and shoring up of Huaihe River water course into the sea, water course into the river. Specific measures are taken to induct the flood into Yi River and construct Hongzehu Lake Dam and floods protective system such as the Li Grand Canal (the Changjiang River and Huaihe River section) and the Yellow River.

③ Establish stable power supply security system.

Ⅴ Emphasize on deepening reform and speed up the promotion of marketlization.

1) Promote reform in all aspects

① Deepen enterprise reform;

② Deepen reform social enterprise;

③ Promote executives management system reform;

④ Deepen downtown financial system reform;

⑤ Speed up investment system reform.

2) Develop private business

① Expand private business proportion in the market and improve the scale;

② Implement all sorts of assistance polices;

③ Explore all development approaches;

④ Improve the organization forms of private business

Ⅵ Emphasize on attracting merchants and investment, speed up foreign development strategy and speed up the open process.

1) Try the best to promote the standard and level in attracting merchants and investment;

① Create as many as possible methods in attracting merchants and investment;

② Promote project quality;

③ Enlarge the scale of foreign capital applying.

2) Develop foreign trading and economic cooperation

① Further expand export value;

② Elevate foreign economic cooperation standards.

3) Enhance the cooperation between south Jiangsu and North Jiangsu, promote regional economic development

Make full use of all beneficial policies issued by the state and provincial administrations for developing North Jiangsu area. Actively carry on transferring in industries, science & technology, finance etc. from South Jiangsu, Middle Jiangsu areas. Speed up steps in exporting labors, so as to enhance self-development capabilities. Take projects as beginning; take enterprises as the player, further promote cooperation between Nanjing and Huai’an, Suzhou and Huai’an, Wuxi and Huai’an profoundly; expand cooperation in all industries, conversion of scientific and technical achievement, labor transfer etc. Wish to break through in the investment in Huai’an and the economic development zone constructed under the cooperation of Nanjing and Huai’an, Suzhou and Huai’an, Wuxi and Huai’an. Implement strategy of emerging into the Yangtze River delta area, by which we expect to be consistent to Shanghai in as many aspects as possible including participating the Shanghai city construction, serving Shanghai’s development and absorbing Shanghai’s influence. Encourage and lead enterprises of our city to take part in exploring the West (China); provide support and service to enterprises in investing and finding a ready market in the west. During the 11th Five-Year-Plan period, we plan to introduce 500 cooperative projects with capital value over RMB 10 billion.

Emphasize on the construction of “Digital Huai’an” , and promote our city in economics and information standards; Speed up information technology application; promote striding development in IT industry; elevate our economic and IT standard. By the year 2010, IT sales turnover should be over RMB 9 billion with RMB 3 billion of added values by annual increment of 25%, occupying 1% of GDP.

1) Speed up IT infrastructure construction

Follow the latest domestic progress in IT infrastructure construction and promote construction of 3G technology and New Generation Internet (NGN). Speed up constructing spacious, credible, extensive trunk network of the city that is compatible to audio, data and video functions. Speed up the broadcasting transmission fiber optical network construction of city, county, sub-towns and villages; speed up digital rebuilding of cable TV network; realize cable TV network conversion into digital from analogue. Speed up network interconnecting by which to realize network interconnection of the Internet, cable TV and communications network etc. After the interconnection, we should be able to support high-speed exploitation and data resource share. Promote integrated construction of communications tubes, cables, stations, rods and wires. Based on trials, we will popularize “one wire through” mode among all communities. By 2010, new communities should all be equipped with “one wire through” function.

2) Speed up promoting IT application

Enhance e-government construction;

Speed up IT construction;

Speed up construction of information society.

3) Speed up our development of IT industry

Publicize IT ideas among citizens; accelerate cultivating IT application and high standard technical genius exploitation. Advocate computer and network knowledge education among all sorts or schools including all the primary schools and secondary schools to add the IT into compulsory courses. Speed up spreading information application terminals. By 2010, we expect over 40% urbane families should own computers with 80% of them logging the Internet. Speed up the development of IT products manufacturing industry, software industry and communications service industry. The key is to construct 5 basic databases i.e. public service information, macroscopic economy, legal unit, population and geographic space. We can promote developing and utilizing information resource as in market mode, promote business; developing and utilizing information resource as in all aspects e.g. public service, science, education, resources, environment, social development among others. Try to construct a comparatively complete information resource system. Implement e-learning, e-medic, and e-transaction, e-shopping, VOD, video telephone, color SMS, IOD, and mobile phone banking among other information added-value services. Pay attention to regulatory administration over electronic information products markets, information service industries and information service related industries; try to maintain healthy development.

VIII Emphasize on human oriented and try the best to design a harmonious society

1) Establish and complete multiple layers of social security system

Complete insurance system in pension, medicine, unemployment, injury on duty, laboring etc.

Establish bare subsistence living standard maintenance system covering the entire city including countryside.

Construct rescue system to help unprivileged people.

2) Develop social utilities in comprehensive aspects

Promote scientific and technical innovation. Enhance self-innovative capability. Develop hi-tech and the industry.

Speed up developing education. Keep adjusting structure of education i.e. optimizing education resources configuration; expanding education coverage; promoting education quality; realizing change from big city of education into powerful city of education.

Further promote cultural service.

Develop health service.

Call on the general public for sports and games.

3) Expand employment and boom urban and countryside people’s living standard

Expand employment by all means. Adhere to creating job opportunities so as to promote employment and re-employment, which should be considered one of economic jobs enjoying top priority. Consider economic development and expand employment comprehensively; try the best to open a new way in creating job opportunities while developing economy.

Speed up transferring countryside redundant labors;

Concretely maintain social justice

IX. Emphasize on sustainable development; construct a society of saving resources with friendly environment

1) Develop cycle economy, and construct a society of saving resources

Following principle of reducing, re-cycling, reasonable organizing, promote saving energy, water, land and other materials; promote developing and spreading technologies that save, substitute, re-cycle resources; Implement energy management, re-design energy consuming equipment; desert consuming, polluting, technically out-of-date techniques and products. Pay more attention to water resource protection and reasonable use; promote thrift irrigating measures, promote reuse ratio of industrial waste water and advocate saving city water among citizens. By 2010, we shall execute bans exploiting ground water. Strictly protect plow field so as to provide better support to key project construction; control occupation area for construction purpose; promote investment density by unit of land area. We must prevent and correct blind occupation of land. Exploit the back-up land resource scientifically and reasonably. Realize land exploitation and management to market and in industrial step by step. Enhance mines resources management and protection. Completely forbid blind exploitation and excessively digging. Advocate deep process and comprehensive use of mines resources. Generally promote clean production beginning with the sources of project introduction, design and products development. Implement pollutant prevention and correction measures; form thrift growing approach of low input, low consumption, and low discard/emission. By which, we expect to achieve win-win in both the economic and environmental benefits. Enhance the construction of comprehensive application of   resource; promote resources consumption efficiency.

2) Further promote environmental quality, and construct a friendly society

Construct a green Huai’an

Improve environmental quality;

3) Strictly control population growth

Adhere to basic state policy of birth control; maintain low birth level; balance infant genders; keep promoting people’s quality; try the best to convert population pressure into advantage in human resource. Establish and complete social security system guiding people following the birth control policy with benefits. Spread family birth control award and assistance system in countryside, which is different from traditionally punishing those breaking the law and is to be implemented on both hands of punishing breakers and awarding followers. Establish and complete birth control followers’ assistance system in aspects as medical assistance, employment priority, making fortune to become rich, education cost discount etc. Try to practice the system of birth control prize for public benefits. Try to set up a birth control commonweal fund. Enhance technical service of good quality birth and cultivation; enhance construction of management service network on basic level; promote birth control level continuously. Highly emphasize on solving the problem of aging. Try the best to resolve problems in social security maintenance and spiritual cultural life; enhance support by policy and constructing aged people’s service facility; speed up developing aged people causes.

4) Enhance disaster preventive and protective system construction

Establish and complete social pre-alert system. Complete government preliminary plan for emergency coping with sudden public events; promote government capability coping with emergency and capability of administrating comprehensive public security businesses. Speed up modern preventive, protective and rescuing system against earthquake, meteorological, geological, fire, plants diseases and serious animal epidemics. Promote anti-disaster predicting, forecasting, and pre-alert standard. Put emphasis on construction of the following systems: seismic disaster preventive and protective technological system; disaster weather monitor, pre-alert system and geological disaster prevention system among other projects. Enhance fire fighting facility construction. Implement project of constructing model anti-seismic farm houses; start to mark seismic risky area in the downtown city map. Generally publicize knowledge to prevent disasters and minimize loss from disasters. Enhance public sense of preventing disasters, fighting against fires and reducing loss from disasters.

X. Enhance spiritual civilization and democratic legal system construction, create civilized social environment

1) Adhere to educating people by morals, and enhance spiritual civilization construction

Adhere to Mr. Deng Xiao Ping’s theory and the important thought of equipping the Party members, leaders on all levels and the mass with “Three Representations” (representative of the mass; representative of the most advanced production capacity; representative of the most advanced culture); form and implement scientific view of development; enhance education in ideal and belief along with political work on thoughts; advocate national spirit of patriotism; Jiangsu spirit of “Crave-out, Innovation, Strive for the Best” and Huai’an spirit of “Unite, Innovation, Hard Work, Self-development”.

2) Carry out official duties in accordance with the law and enhance political civilization construction.

Adhere to and complete the system of People’s Congress Council / People’s Representative Congress; Promote decisions making in scientific, democratic and legal way. Adhere to and complete the political negotiation system led by the Communist Party and system of multiparty cooperation; promote normalized political negotiation, democratic supervision and participation in and deliberation of state affairs in relatively fixed systems.

3) Enhance comprehensive administration of public security to maintain a stable and peaceful society. Go further in the practice of establishing peaceful Huai’an; promote “Legal Huai’an” construction.

4) Advocate healthy and civilized life modes; construct civilized and healthy society

Practice “Erect Good Manners and Establish New Atmosphere” profoundly; further improve the people’s living environment, promoting the life quality.