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Prospect of the “12th Five-Year Plan”


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The future five years is a key period of Huai’an for leaping development and construction of comprehensive well-off society. We are faced by many challenges and tests, as well as precious opportunities and conditions. On one hand, the international economic environment becomes more complicated, and constraint pressure from resources and environment increases, the national macro control becomes tighter, and various uncertainties increase. On the other hand, the world economy enters a new round of growth cycle, China's internal power for development is enhanced, and strategies of Yangtze Delta economic integration and coastal development are deeply implemented, these provide wider space for Huai’an. We must grasp new trends and features for development, and promote bigger breakthroughs during the “12th Five-Year Plan”.
The guidance thought for municipal economy and society during the “12th Five-Year Plan” is: take promoting scientific development and achieving comprehensive well-off as the theme, and regard amount expansion, quality improvement, transfer and upgrading as main threads, implement strategies of powerful industrial city, urbanization, utilize scientific education and talents to boost city, borrow the port to go to the sea, drive economy by opening-up, green development and overall planning of urban and rural areas. Continue promoting "the Five Constructions”, create an important central city to the north of Yangtze Delta with prosperous economy , beautiful environment, and happy people.
Major objectives for economy and society during the “12th Five-Year Plan” include: the economic total doubles, finance exceeds 100 billion yuan, building ecology city, achieving well-off. By 2015, the municipal economic amount will double on 2010, and financial income exceeds 100 billion yuan, building national ecological city firstly in the Northern Jiangsu, and achieving comprehensive well-off by the unit of county.
By centering on the above guiding thoughts and objectives, we will focus on five aspects:
Ⅰ. Enhance competitiveness amid development. Insufficient development and weak power are the biggest conflictions of Huai’an. And accelerating development is still the primary assignment during the “12th Five-Year Plan”. In the future five years, we must increase effective investments and quicken project construction, to make sure that fixed assets investment will double on that of 2010, and increase rates of major economic indexes will be leading in Jiangsu province, per capita regional output value will exceed national average level, and make efforts to let at least one county enter the top ten of the Northern Jiangsu and top 100 in China. We should stick to transferring means and adjusting structure, till the end of the “12th Five-Year Plan”, industrial added-value of Huai’an, added-value of service industry, sales income of emerging industries and high-tech industries should exceed 100 billion yuan respectively, and industrial sales should exceed 800 billion yuan. Industrial breakthrough plan for counties (districts) and the development zones should be implemented forcefully, to enrich industrial amount of them. Accelerate agricultural structural adjustment, make five 10-billion yuan dominant industries larger and stronger, and improve industrialization level of agriculture comprehensively. Improve regional creation system, till the end of the “12th Five-Year Plan”, the R&D expense should account for 2% of the regional output value, and more than 500 high-level creative talents should be brought in, and advancement of science and technology should contribute more than 50% for the growth of economy.
Ⅱ. Strengthen attraction in opening-up. Continue to seize export-oriented economy as a leading element of development of Huai’an, and constantly enhance driving capacity of opening-up. During the “12th Five-Year Plan”, the on-the-ground registered foreign investments of Huai’an are expected to reach 12 billion US dollars, including 5 billion dollars of Taiwan investments, and Huai’an will become a influential concentration zone for famous Taiwan-invested enterprises. Promote constructions of development zones, specialized parks, features parks and town industrial concentration zones. And make Huai’an Economic and Technological Development Zone one of the top ten in Jiangsu province. Accelerate constructions of composite hinges of “highways, waterways, railways and airways”; enhance regional cooperation and internationalization, and external communications.
Ⅲ. Strengthen influence in overall planning of urban and rural areas. Center on strategic positioning of cultivating emerging growth poles and constructing important central city to the north of Yangtze Delta, and expand scales, improve functions and qualities. By the end of the “12th Five-Year Plan”, built area of the central city will expand to 180 square kilometers, and the population will reach 1.5 million, and urbanization level will exceed 55%, modern functional zones like Huaihai central business zone, Shuidukou central business zone and ecological new city core zone, foster features of famous historical city, renowned cultural city, and ecological water city, and strengthen bearing capacity and influential power. Accelerate steps of building county cities, build Lianshui and Xuyi into medium cities with nice ecology and prosperous economy, and Hongze and Jinhu into featured cities with lakeside ecology. Focus on infrastructures of key central towns and featured towns. By 2015, municipal urban population will exceed rural population, and non-agricultural proportion will exceed 92%.
Ⅳ. Enhance cohesiveness by improving livelihood. Stick to human-orientation, and taking livelihood as a top priority. Try to increase happiness index of the masses. Implement income-increase plan for urban and rural residents, promote income-distribution system reform, and by 2015, per capita disposable income of urban residents and net income of peasants will reach 31,500 and 12,700 yuan respectively. Increase investments in livelihood, add 70% of finance for livelihood constructions, and do ten practical things annually for the masses. Improve equalization level of public services, and construct complete service systems of education, health, culture, sports and employment. Resolve hot issues focused by the masses, add 450,000 m2 more guarantee-type houses, make quality of water sources up to standards by 100%, and satisfy demands for substances and culture of the masses and promote comprehensive development of the people.
Ⅴ. Enhance bearing capacity in ecological construction. Start from building state-level ecological city, strengthen protection and construction of ecological environment, and make sure that 80% of the counties will become state-level ecological counties, 80% of the towns will become state-level ecological towns, and 80% of the villages will become municipal-level above ecological villages. Keep quality of ecological environment leading in Jiangsu. Develop circular economy and green economy, promote energy-saving and emission-reduction.