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Urban Construction

Urban and rural construction was coordinately promoted in Huai'an. 84.5 billion yuan was invested to implement 846 major projects in the construction of central city. The construction of functional areas was accelerated. The construction of high-speed rail business district had completely started. The first phase of Financial Center sealed its roof atop the concrete and steel frame. The construction of Baima Lake national wetland park was approved. The protection and development of the scenic spot of Zhou Enlai’s hometown, Hexia Ancient Town, Matou Ancient Town and Jiangba Ancient Town were promoted orderly. The transformation task of the shanty town with the area of 1.93 million square meters was completed. Urban public transportation was upgraded. The first phase of the modern tram went into operation. The construction of elevated roads of the urban inner ring line started. 27 bottleneck roads were transformed. More than 2200 parking spots were reconstructed. The reform of the urban public transport system was completed and 700 new energy buses were purchased. Projects like emergency shelters and the sponge city were implemented. The geographical information system of pipelines and the elevator emergency disposal platform were established. The construction of major infrastructure projects made new progress. The construction of two railways was accelerated and the preliminary work of Nanjing-Huai’an Railway officially started. The construction of China National Highway 235 and Jiangsu Provincial Highway 503 and 348, the sea waterway regulation of Huaihe River and the construction of the second phase of New Port were completed. Huai’an Airport had started the construction of the second phase. Fresh progress had been made in the construction of urban and rural environment. 139 renovation projects and 542 regulation projects were implemented. 230 older residential communities were renovated. Illegal buildings with the area of 158,000 square meters were dismantled. The layout planning of 28 districts and 109 villages were upgraded. 10 key central towns had completed functional projects. 500 kilometers of rural roads were renovated. 32 beautiful villages were built. The construction of drinking water safety projects was completed, which solved the drinking water safety problem of 418,600 rural residents. New breakthroughs were made in the construction of ecological civilization. Regulation for the Protection of Permanent Green Space of Huai’an and Regulation for the Protection of Ancient Huai River of Huai’an were published and implemented. The prevention of air pollution was strengthened. The average of PM2.5 concentration had decreased by 8.4% over the previous year.