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Urban Construction
Huai’an China
During the 11th Five-year Plan (2006-2010), Huai’an adhered to the strategic positioning of “an important central city of the Northern Jiangsu”, planned urban and rural development as a whole, improve functions and tastes of the city, and successfully became a national sanitary city, a national garden city, a national model city of environmental protection and a provincial civilized city. The central city expanded rapidly. The built area was expanded from 80 square kilometers to 120, the population increased from 800,000 to 1,200,000, and the urbanization level grew from 36.7% to 45%. The new round of urban planning and compiling was completed, the ecological new city, Qinghe New District, Qingpu New City were under construction, and Wanda Plaza, the Exhibition Center, Xinya International Plaza were built and put into operation, and Huaihai Central Business Zone, Shuidukou Central Business Zone were improved. Constructions of scenic belts of Liyun River, the Grand Canal and the Old Yellow River were started, and ecological environment of Baima Lake began to be renovated, 15 parks were newly built or rebuilt, and all parks were opened to the public for free, 1354 ha. greenlands were added, the wastewater treatment rate exceeded 80%, and 1.2 million m2 of the old city was reconstructed, and 3.5 billion yuan loans of public accumulation funds were released. The overall planning of urban and rural areas was enhanced. 4 counties invested 85 billion yuan to build Lianshui People Health-keeping Park, Xuyi Olympic Center, Jinhu Yaodi Park and Hongze Happy Square, Jinhu became a national garden city. 4470 kilometers of highroads were built in the countryside, 1393 rivers in counties and towns were dredged up, and regional water supply reached 17 towns, 7 provincial rural living wastewater treatment pilot projects and 79 town domestic garbage transfer stations were built, and 12 provincial comfortable housing demonstrative villages were established. Constructions of infrastructures were comprehensively reinforced. High-speed highroads were integrated into networks and rings, and trunk ways were upgraded, Huai’an Lianshui Airport was put into operation, and Suqian-Huai’an Railway and Yanhe River waterway renovation project were advanced fast; South-North Water Diversion Project and Huai River Harness Project were implemented successfully; the 3rd Phase of Huaneng, Guoxin Biomass Power Generation and other projects were completed and put into operation.
In 2009, Projects of urban construction were implemented smoothly. Huai’an completed 26.1 billion yuan in urban investment, and implemented 515 projects, including 328 that have been completed basically. Projects including Grand Canal Bridge of Tianjin Rd., Yuehe Rd., Meigao Mid Rd., Civil Defense 051 Project, Court Tower, Dingli Hotel, Guoxin Hotel, Zhongxin Business Plaza, New Campus of Huaizhou Middle School were accomplished. And Wanda Plaza, Xinya International Shopping Plaza, Huaihai Central Business Zone, Shuidukou Central Business Zone, Qinghe New District and Chuzhou New District were boosted.
Living environment was improved. Property administration and community service project was awarded “Model award of living environment in China” by Ministry of Housing Construction of China. Common property housing guarantee mode was explored and established, to solve housing problem of a number of middle and low income people. Huai’an was elected by Taiwan people as “One of the ten cities livable in mainland China”.
The process of featured urbanization was accelerated. And according to the strategy of “constructing large transportation, cultivating large industries, developing large circulation, enriching large culture and promote large tourism”, Huai’an accelerated construction of central city. And features of “ancient historical city, famous cultural city and ecological water city” were further reflected. The urbanization in the end of the year reached 43.1%, 1.7% up compared to the last year. And built area of central city expanded to 110 square kilometers, 2.4 million m2 public green lands were added, and the population exceeded 1.1 million.
In 2004, the fixed asset investment totaled 27.569 billion yuan, an increase of 20.1% over last year, and 18 projects with the investment of more than 100 million yuan each were completed.
  Rapid progress has been made in the construction of Huai'an as a central city. With the investment of 7.44 billion yuan in 298 projects, 45 urban arteries have been finished, such as the third phase of Xiangyu Blvd, the first phase of Hanhou Blvd and the south section of Xi'an Road, and 26 water drainage projects are now under way, such as the Qing'an River, the Wenqu River and the Shihua Ditch. The construction of the Bochishan Park has begun. The other 52 parks and green lands including Sakura Garden, Zhongzhou Park, Eco-Park along the Former Course of the Yellow River and Lotus Park have been completed on time, with the new afforestation area of 1.05 million ㎡ added. The Municipal engineering, such as alley rebuilding, waste transfer centers and farm product markets has realized its annual target, and the Dazhakou History Displaying Area symbolized by the Qingjiangpu Tower has been a new dazzling point for urban construction. Through the transfer of the right of operation, a sewage treatment project with the investment of 176 million yuan has been signed with the Tsinghua Tongfang Co., Ltd.