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Social undertakings

The protection of people's livelihood was constantly strengthened. 5.56 billion yuan was invested to complete ten practical projects for the people’s livelihood. Per capita disposable incomes of urban and rural residents were 30335 yuan and 14319 yuan respectively, rising by 7.9% and 9.1%. The level of public services was improved. 60 modernized schools were built and 23 provincial high-quality kindergartens were extended. Comprehensive health care reform was deepened. Hierarchical medical system was implemented and family physician model was promoted. The coverage of public cultural facilities reached 95%. Copyright registration increased significantly. Huai’an Grand Theatre had been completed and put into operation. The core area of Enlai Cadre College had been completed. The system of social security was improved. Huai’an government gave more support to promote entrepreneurship and employment and offered loans of 130 million yuan for entrepreneurship. The urban unemployment rate through unemployment registration was 1.87%. Targeted poverty alleviation was implemented to bring 129,000 low-income rural residents out of poverty. The guaranteeing minimum living standards for urban and rural residents were increased from 490 yuan and 370 yuan respectively per person each month to 520 yuan and 400 yuan. Social assistance and serious illness insurance system was improved. The multi-level old-age service system was established. The housing guarantee system was improved and 3.2 billion yuan of housing accumulation fund loans was offered. The innovation of society governs system was promoted. The reform of police system and mechanism was explored and innovative management of transient population was created. The incidence of criminal cases dropped significantly. People’s conciliation and community correction were strengthened. The grid management of urban and rural community social services was realized. Free-pollutant food market and transparent catering system were established. Sunshine Xinfang (letters and visits) was upgraded.