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Huai’an China
During the 11th Five-year Plan (2006-2010), Huai’an always took the comprehensive development of the people as a target, increased investment in public finance, and planned social undertakings as a whole, to improve the capacity of social services.
Scientific and technological innovations made obvious achievements. The R&D expenditure of the whole society accounted for 1% of the regional GDP, and Huai’an had 277,000 professional technical talents, developed 2195 new products, and had 3282 new pieces of patents authorized, the municipal high-tech innovative center built a state-level incubator.
The educational undertakings developed rapidly. Tuition fees of compulsory education were all waived, hardware constructions all reach the standards, and performance salaries were implemented, the enrollment rate was kept to be 100% basically. 17 more general senior schools and vocational schools above 3-star level were founded, 112 more provincial level and municipal level high-grade kindergartens were established. Senior high school education was popularized, and major indexes of the college entrance examination were in the front rank of the Northern Jiangsu. Nanjing Forestry University came to Huai’an for cooperative school-running, and number of undergraduates in the higher education park increased to 70,000. Qinghe District and Jinhu County achieved educational modernization.
Health undertakings developed soundly. 3 more 3A general (specialized) hospitals were established, and urban and rural community health services achieved full coverage and standardization, “15-minute health service cycle” for millions of people was built, and 420,000 innocuous toilets in the countryside were built and rebuilt.
The birth rate was kept low, and the 6th national census was implemented successfully.
Cultural and sports undertakings developed vigorously. Huaiyang Dishes Food and Culture Festival and other events were successfully held, and canal museum building group was completed.
The activity of sending culture, entertainment and technology to the countryside was carried out broadly, and per capita areas of major public cultural facilities exceeded the provincial levels. And players from Huai’an won medals in Olympic Games, the Paralympics and China Opera Plum Blossom Award.