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Opening Up

Huai’an China
During the 11th Five-year Plan (2006-2010)
During the 11th Five-year Plan (2006-2010), Huai’an stuck to absorbing production factors and promoting economic development through opening up, and constantly improving opening up to the outside, and made great achievements in attracting investment. 1108 domestic-invested projects with more than 50 million yuan investment were introduced, 760 foreign-invested projects were newly approved, 2.624 billion US dollars of registered foreign investments were on the ground, and more than 600 Taiwanese-funded enterprises were approved; Taiwan investments accounted for more than half of the utilized foreign investments, and a new concentration place of Taiwan investments was formed rapidly.
The carrier construction realized leaping development. Huai’an Economic and Technological Development Zone was successfully upgraded to be “state level”, and China Huai’an Export Processing Zone, China Overseas Students Venturing Park and Taiwan Peasants Venturing Park were established, constructions of 7 provincial development zones, Huai’an Industrial Park and Salt Chemical New Zone were accelerated. 16.18 billion yuan investment in infrastructures was completed in development zones above provincial level, and 138 square kilometers of area was newly developed, and 4874 enterprises entered the zones.
Reform and restructuring went smoothly. 75 municipal key enterprises were restructured, 2 financing platforms with more than 10 billion yuan assets were established, 2.7 billion yuan enterprise bonds were released, and the Bank of Communications, Pudong Development Bank and Sunan Agricultural and Commercial Bank were introduced to Huai’an, guarantee and reguarantee systems were constructed, and countryside microfinance company pilot and agricultural insurance work were comprehensively implemented. In 2010, the domestic and foreign deposit balance in financial institutions of Huai’an was 121.5 billion yuan, and the loan balance was 86.5 billion yuan, which were 2.9 and 3.1 times those of 2005.
Foreign exchange was expanded constantly. Convenient custom mode was created, and Huai’an Port was approved to be second class shipping port; foreign economic cooperation was boosted steadily, and foreign trade exports exceeded 2 billion US dollars; international friendship cities totaled 11.
Opening-up economy in 2009
Obvious achievements of opening-up were made. A series of merchants inviting activities were carried out, the 8th China Huaiyang Dishes and Cultural Festival and the 4th Taiwan Merchants Forum were successfully held. 164 foreign-invested projects were newly approved, the total investment reached 2.08 billion US dollars, and contracted registered foreign investments reached 1.31 billion US dollars. And 610 million US dollars of registered foreign capital were on the ground, increased 35.1% over the last year, including 355 million dollars of registered Taiwan investments, jumped 83.9%. The import and export sum reached 2.14 billion US dollars, increased by 20.1%; and overall business income of 8 provincial development zones reached 161.03 billion yuan, and 5.31 billion yuan was invested in infrastructures.
Featured industrial parks developed rapidly. 4 provincial-level featured industrial parks were founded: Jiangsu Chuzhou Precision Machinery Accessories Industrial Park, Jiangsu Jinhu Automobile and Motorcycle Fittings Industrial Park, Jiangsu Lianshui High-Grade Clothing Industrial Park, Jiangsu Huai’an Alkali Technology Industrial Park. Overseas Students Pioneering Park was approved to be state-level high-tech pioneering service center, and infrastructures of Huai’an Industrial Park and Salt Chemical New Zone were accelerated, and convenient custom passing mode of “Region-port interaction" was launched. Jiangsu Oil and Mechanical Products Export Base was formally approved, becoming the first provincial electromechanical products export base in the Northern Jiangsu, and the only in Jiangsu province.
Investment in foreign countries took new steps. Turnover of foreign economy in 2009 reached 239 million US dollars, increased 15.3% over the last year. After Jinhu Oil Mechanical purchased stocks of American WDI Company, and Seyang Zinc Technology located in municipal development zone invested 2 million dollars to purchase 20% of stocks of Korean Qingyun Energy Technology, making it the 2nd company in Huai’an which invested in foreign countries by means of transnational merger.
Service outsourcing work made outstanding achievements. A number of famous outsourcing enterprises including Alibaba, Sohu and Microsoft were signed up and introduced; and Huai’an Development Zone became a provincial-level demonstrative zone of international services outsourcing.

Opening-up in 2006

The total volume of import and export was USD 642 million, an increase of 70.7%. The volume of export reached USD 382 million, up 57.6%. There were 8 more enterprises with the volume of export exceeding USD 10 million each. Import totaled 260 million, up94.4%. The products were mainly exported to over 150 countries and regions including Japan, the Republic of Korea, America and the EU. The momentum for utilizing foreign capital went well. So far, a number of the world-famous large enterprises including Hankook Tires Co. of Italy have invested in Huai'an. By successfully organizing 16 investment promotion meetings both home and abroad, Huai'an attracted the contracted investment of 16.1 billion yuan with the paid-in investment of 8.5 billion yuan. There were 495 projucts with fixed-asset investment exceeding 10 million yuan each, including 18 projects with an investment exceeding 100 million yuan each. We also introduced 8 projects with the investment exceeding 10 dollars million each.