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Opening up

Reform and opening up were comprehensively deepened in Huai'an. Breakthroughs were achieved in key areas, including the reforms in administrative approval system, market regulation mode, new type urbanization, land use system, new type rural system, financial institutions and real estate registration system. Opening-up and cooperation were improved gradually. The construction of the industrial transfer cluster service demonstration area of Taiwan-funded enterprises obtained special policy support from Jiangsu Provincial Government, and Huai’an was awarded as a city that Taiwan businessmen highly recommend to invest in for five consecutive years. Huai’an actively responded to the significant national and provincial development strategy. 200 domestic projects with each investment of over 100 million yuan were newly introduced, in which there were 20 projects with each investment over 1 billion yuan. 59 foreign invested projects with each investment over 30 million US dollars were approved, in which there were 10 projects with each investment over 100 million US dollars. 140 import or export enterprises and 15 overseas investment enterprises were newly built. 2 more foreign cities and Huai’an became sister cities. The industrial parks in Huai’an were improved and upgraded.