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1 Billion USD Invested into Zhen Ding Technology's High-tech Project

General layout and monomer solution of Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) production and assembly project, invested by Zhen Ding Technology Holding Limited Company, was approved in Semptember, 2014. Phase I is planned to be completed and put into production in August, 2015. Annual output value will be 10 billion RMB and annual profit will be 1.4 billion RMB.

With the total investment of 1 billion US dollars, the project is specialized in manufacturing FPC and peripherals. Zhen Ding Technology is planning to build its Huai'an factory into the R&D and production headquarters in Eastern China. The project will fill in gaps in the manufacture of high-tech products in Huaian's IT industry, improving the current IT industrial chain and promoting the development of IT industrial cluster in Huai'an.