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High happiness index of Taiwan merchants helps growth of Huai’an investment 


Huai’an China (10/19/2009)
During the 4th Taiwan Merchant Forum, integrated soda project from Taiwan Glass Group with 485 million dollars was started construction in Huai’an Economic Development Zone; it cost the group only 8 months from project establishment, evaluation to approval, which amazed principal of Taiwan Glass Group, “It’s really fast”, said the principal. Furthermore, the development zone built serial roads, sewage disposal factory with 220 million yuan, 110 kv. Yuhe transformer substation with 115 billion yuan, special dock with 8 million tons annual throughput, and state-level salt chemical test center with 26 million yuan invested, in order to serve the project.

Statistics from Huai’an Foreign Economic and Trade Bureau indicates that: on-the-ground registered foreign investment from January to August reached 334 million dollars, increased by 37.1%, including 184 million dollars Taiwan investments, increased by 75%.