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The 8th Huai’an China Huaiyang Dishes Food Festival and the 4th Taiwan Merchants Huai’an Forum start


Huai’an China (09/29/2009)
Yesterday evening, The 8th Huai’an China Huaiyang Dishes Food Festival and the 4th Taiwan Merchants Huai’an Forum began at Huai’an Palaestra.

A lot of leaders and guests watched the evening, including vice president of Association for Relations across the Taiwan Straits Zhang Mingqing, vice president of State Business Association, board chairman of SuNing Company Zhang Jindong, Secretary of Huai’an Municipal Party Committee Liu Yongzhong, Mayor Gao Xuekun and experts and guests from France, New Zealand, Japan, Tsinghua University, The Chinese University of Hong Kong and Taiwan University.