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Huai’an Municipal Leaders meet with guests attending Taiwan Merchants Forum


Huai’an China (09/28/2009)
Yesterday afternoon, Huai’an Mayor Gao Xuekun met with guests who come to Huai’an and attend Taiwan Merchants (Huai’an) Forum. Attendees of the meeting include: Vice President of Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits Zhang Mingqing, Deputy Director-general of Jiangsu Commercial Affairs Department Pan Xiansheng, Deputy Director of Standing Committee of Municipal People’s Congress Liu Weiya, Deputy Mayor Qi Shouyu, Vice Board Chairperson of Taiwan Industrial Association, Board Chairman of Taiwan Glass Group Lin Bofeng, chairmen of Taiwan Associations of some places and Taiwan merchants.

Gao Xuekun introduced relative conditions of the 4th Taiwan Merchants to the guests. Over 300 people will attend the forum to be held on September 28th, said Gao Xuekun, our target is to create concentration highland of Taiwan investment by the forum and enhance the cooperation atmosphere.