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2009 Huai’an China Huaiyang Dishes Food Festival starts from Nanjing


Huai’an China (09/27/2009)
Yesterday morning, 2009 Huai’an China Huaiyang Dishes Food Festival had its opening ceremony in Nanjing started. Vice Provincial Governor Zhang Weiguo attended the ceremony and announced beginning of the ceremony. Secretary of Huai’an Municipal Party Committee and Director of Standing Committee of Municipal People’s Congress Liu Yongzhong made a speech. Some other provincial and municipal leaders also attended the opening ceremony.
Huaiyang Dishes Food Festival has been held annually since 2002. The festival has become an important platform for showing image, enriching culture and developing economy, it improves popularity and reputation of Huai’an.

This activity is held in Nanjing Weijing International Hotel, Huaiyangfu Hotel, Nanjing Xiyuan Hotel and Nanjing Huajiang Hotel; it will last for 1 month.