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Huai’an creates Taiwan Merchant Forum with Eastern Television Station of Taiwan


Huai’an China (09/07/2009)
On September 5th, a camera crew from Taiwan Eastern TV Station led by its deputy general manager Chen Liyuan to Huai’an. From September 6th to 12th, Taiwan Eastern TV Station will center on special topics including celebrities, famous lakes, famous dishes, scenic spots, city sightseeing, Taiwan investment highland for shooting and interviewing.
Organization committee of the forum has decided to take measures including live news broadcasting, network direct seeding and site broadcasting of Huai’an TV station.

It is said that during the forum, Eastern TV station will assign its major anchormen to preside the forum together with famous anchormen of CCTV, and transfer real situation of the forum back to Taiwan. Before the forum, Taiwan Eastern TV Station will continuously broadcast theme films about Huai’an to create atmosphere for the forum. The films will contain 5 parts: history, celebrities, dishes, economy and trade, ecological Huai’an. After the forum is ended, Taiwan Merchants (Huai’an) Forum will be reported comprehensively in order to provide information about Huai’an for Taiwan people.