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Retailing amount of social consumer goods close to 40 billion yuan in 2009


Huai’an China

Retailing amount of social consumer goods in Huai’an in 2009 reached 39.989 billion yuan, increased by 19.1% year on year, the increase rate ranks the 3rd in Jiangsu, and absolute amount increased by 6.399 billion yuan year on year.

Along with growth of resident income and consumption demands, upgrading process of consumption of vehicles, sports and entertainment appliances and telecommunicate products is accelerated. According to relative statistics, Huai’an achieved 645 million yuan retailing amount of vehicle, increased by 82.7%; and being driven by high demands and prices, retailing amount of oil and relative products increased constantly, reached 3.754 billion yuan, increased by 30.9%. Consumption of luxury goods also kept rapid growth. And retailing amount of basic life goods increased greatly. Besides, along with development of economy and society and improvement of comprehensive quality of people, people attach more importance to taste and class of lives, and cultural consumption becomes both fashion and hot point driving growth of consumption demands.