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GDP exceeds 100 billion yuan, and per capita GDP surpasses 3000 US dollars


Huai’an China

It is expected that Huai’an GDP in 2009 will exceed 100 billion yuan, and per capita GDP will surpass 3000 US dollars. These figures mean that economy has stepped into “golden period” of rapid development.

Surpassing 3000 US dollars of per capita GDP is an index with leaping significance. According to economic experiences from home and abroad, when per capita GDP reaches 3000 US dollars, it marks the beginning of rapid growth of economy, and structures of economy and society will also witness significant changes.

In recent years, Huai’an keeps trend of rapid and sound development. In 2006, Huai’an achieved 65.106 billion yuan local total output value, increased by 14.9 compared to the former year; in 2007, this figure was 76.523 billion yuan, increased by 15.2%; and in 2008, this figure became 91.583 billion yuan, increased by 13.4 ; and in 2009, local total output value is expected to exceed 100 billion yuan. Facts show that foundation for new high-speed growth of Huai’an economy has been formed basically.