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Huai’an private economies make new progress amid hardships


Huai’an China (07/02/2009)
  On July 1st, Huai’an Bureau of Industry and Commerce revealed that in the 1st half year, 3864 private enterprises were newly established, 27719 small industrial or commercial businesses newly emerged, and 13.386 billion yuan registered capital was added, increased by 51.82%, 8% and 99.43% respectively year on year, and private economies are becoming larger and making more contributions to the society.
  In this year, Huai’an Bureau of Industry and Commerce increases assistance strength optimizes service environment to promote rapid and sound development of private economy. Until the end of June, Huai’an Industrial and Commercial System has assisted peasants to establish 430 enterprises and help 3750 families of peasants to engage in small industrial or commercial businesses. Besides, the bureau actively supports various investment main bodies to establish guarantee companies for small and medium enterprises. At present, 30 guarantee companies have been newly established, of which the registered capital reaches about 0.5 billion yuan. And in this year, Huai’an Commercial System utilizes functions of chattel mortgage, shareholding pledge and brand pledge and has transacted 167 registrations of pledge and helped enterprises with financing of 585 million yuan.