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Hongze Branch of Jiangsu Bank opened


Huai’an China (04/09/2009)
  Yesterday morning, opening ceremony of Hongze Branch of Jiangsu Bank was held in Hongze County. Huai’an Deputy Mayor Qi Shouyu attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. Principals of Huai’an Central Subbranch of the People's Bank of China, Huai’an Substation of Jiangsu Banking Regulatory Bureau, Huai’an Branch of Jiangsu Bank, Huai’an Public Security Bureau and other units also attended the opening ceremony. Qi Shouyu and others unveiled the nameplate for Hongze Branch of Jiangsu Bank.
  At the opening ceremony, President of Huai’an Branch of Jiangsu Bank Yang Juren exchanged comprehensive cooperative agreements with Magistrate of Hongze Government Liu Zeyu, besides, Hongze Branch also exchanged signing papers with two Hongze enterprises and granted 6 million yuan and 1.5 million yuan loans to them.
  Hongze Branch of Jiangsu Bank is the 4th branch bank established in counties of Huai’an, the first three branches have been opened at Lianshui, Jinhu and Xuyi.