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Huai’an Branch of Jiangsu Bank carries out “small enterprises loan promotion month” activity


Huai’an China (04/08/2009)
  At present, global financial crisis is still affecting. In the face of economic woes, Huai’an Branch of Jiangsu Bank did not reduce or delay its loans to small enterprises, instead, it increases credit supporting force to small enterprises and grants forceful safeguard for rapid and sound development of them.
  On Feb. 27th, Huai’an Branch of Jiangsu Bank invited small and medium enterprises from counties and districts to a financing boosting conference, introduced 5 financial products and began its ““small enterprises loan promotion month” activity. President of the bank Yang Juren emphasized that four measures will be taken to solve the problem of hard financing: limitless loan scale, seamless linkage and flawless services.
  Since one month ago, the bank has been relying on small enterprises loan management mode of focusing on “three qualities”, sticking to “three meters” and implementing “four independences”, and carrying out the four measures. In March, 132 more small enterprises became credit extension enterprises, and nearly 0.2 billion yuan loan was newly granted for small enterprises.
  “Three qualities” include “moral quality, product quality and security quality”. Moral quality of boss of enterprise is of vital importance for loan. During inspection to enterprise products, products that comply with state industrial policies, have high technical content, environmental and energy-saving and have competitive force are supported with priority; and for those who can provide mortgages, full value and effectiveness of the mortgages are mainly inspected. Those who cannot provide mortgages may choose inventory guarantee, bonding company guarantee, joint loan and joint guarantee and other means.
  “Three meters” are “electricity meter, water meter and salary list”. Huai’an Branch of Jiangsu Bank focus on analyzing and mastering actual conditions of production and business of enterprises from dynamic alteration of “electricity meter, water meter and salary list” of enterprises.
  And “Four independences” mean independent working team, independent auditing system, independent evaluation system and independent guarantee means. Huai’an Branch of Jiangsu Bank specially established service organ and loan team for small enterprises in order to expand guarantee channels and provide forceful system guarantee for small enterprises’ loans.