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Huai’an Foxconn Technology City develops well in Huai’an


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  After Spring Festival, Huai’an Foxconn Technology City obtains more orders and has more employees; the city resumed and even exceeded its peak production trend. Since Feb.1st, the technology city has employed 5000 more employees. At present, its enterprise employees have reached 18000 people, which is more than historic peak number.
  Being influenced by global financial crisis, Foxconn Group's products have been influenced since the 4th season of the last year, except for its consumption-type electronic products. Then why did its order number increase and production grow under such situation?
  As early as the 2nd season of the last year, Foxconn Group had begun to take actions to face the crisis. Huai’an Foxconn Technology City energetically launched its global region integration strategy, which takes “adjusting resource structure, improving ability, complying with regulations and being humanistic” as its principles and “optimizing cost structure” as its core, carried out three battles including “opening resources, transferring battlefield and saving cost”, expanded products and customers, integrated platforms and resources, enhanced design and marketing, opened fields of high-tech, high-growth and high-benefit, as well as new customers, new materials and new products, and expanded new battlefields.
  In addition, the city also carried out continuous product research and design, improved manufacturing level, utilized automatic means to improve production efficiency, these measures enabled the city to reduce costs, improve market competitive force, and let Foxconn win belief and favour from more customers.
  Until now, investment of Foxconn Group in Huai’an has reached 1 billion dollars, and about 1.5 million m2 plants, dormitories and office buildings have been built.