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Liu Yongzhong meets General Manager of Tianjin Pipe Group Yan Zesheng


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  On the evening of Mar.13th, after attending the two national sessions, Representative of National People’s Congress and Secretary of Huai’an Municipal Party Committee Liu Yongzhong met high-level management personnel of Tianjin Pipe Group including its General Manager Yan Zesheng in Nanjing. They had a conversation on settlement of seamless steel pipe project in Huaigang Steel Company.
  Liu Yongzhong said after listening to General Secretary Hu’s speech on working report of Jiangsu delegacy and Premier Wen’s “Government Work Report”, we have more confidence and clearer thoughts. Huai’an not only faces common opportunities of a series of policy measures for coping with international financial crisis, but also has special opportunities including enhanced intercoastal economical cooperation, plans of integrating North Jiangsu into Yangtze Delta and deepening rural reform under new circumstances. By implementing spirit of the two national sessions and centering on keeping increase and promoting development, Huai’an will seize the opportunities and endeavor to construct hometown of Premier Zhou into a better place. At present, it is seizing opportunity to promote construction of seamless steel pipe project. Huai’an Municipal Party Committee and Government and relative departments will try their best to support construction of the project, make all efforts to strive for various policy supports and create excellent investment environment.
  Yan Zesheng expressed his thankfulness as Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and Government and Huai’an Municipal Party Committee and Government attach much importance to and provide mighty supports for the project. He said: “Elites of Tianjin Pipe Group are brought to implement preparation works for construction of the project. No matter how the situation changes, Tianjin Pipe Group will be filled with confidence in respect of cooperation with Huaigang Steel Company and we are confident in the project.”
  On Mar.14th, superior management personnel and experts of Tianjin Pipe Group came to Huai’an and negotiated on detailed issues with purchasers and relative departments.