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Huai’an holds academic forum on “Influences of financial crisis on Huai’an and countermeasures


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As a wisdom warehouse of Huai’an Municipal Party Committee and Government, Huai’an social science academic cycle is focusing on an important issue: how to contribute wisdom and force under current financial crisis? Yesterday morning, Propaganda Department of Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Social Science Association specially invited experts of finance and economy and representatives of social science academic cycle to discuss the theme of “Influences of financial crisis on Huai’an and countermeasures”. Standing Member of Municipal Party Committee and Director of Propaganda Department Liu Xiping listened to speeches of attendees and made a speech.
At the forum, Qinghe District Party School President Wang Jianming, Vice President of Municipal People’s Bank Zhao Lin, Deputy Director of Municipal Commission of Economy and Trade Wang Sujun, Deputy Director of Municipal Commission of Development and Reform Wang Zhaowen, Deputy Director-general of Municipal Bureau of Foreign Economy and Trade Zhou Dechao, Director of Administration Committee of Huai’an Export and Process Zone Wang Zhengming respectively analyzing influences of financial crisis on Huai’an economic development and propounded their measures and tentative plans for dealing with the crisis by combining relative conditions and their works.
Liu Xiping gave full affirmation to speeches of them. She emphasized that firstly we should keep clear mind amid this influential financial crisis. We should analyze financial trend in an objective, fair and scientific way. Secondly, we should enhance our confidence. Thirdly, we should make up and implement scientific measures.
Liu Xiping emphasized that as a warehouse of Municipal Party Committee and Government, Social Science Cycle should seize three aspects of work. Firstly, they should go deep into enterprises and industries for investigation and research, get to know conditions of Huai’an and actual situations of enterprises, and help enterprises with conquering hardships. Secondly, they should integrate resources, exert talent advantages, confirm projects and tackle by collective, and provide research reports for Party Committees and Governments. Thirdly, achievement transfer should be seized; wisdom and talents of social science academic cycle should be integrated into promoting rapid and sound development of society and do works well by centering on center of gravity of works assigned by Municipal Party Committee and Government.