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Principals of Party organizations of enterprises attend forum on promoting development


Huai’an China (03/11/2009)
Yesterday morning, Organization Department of Huai’an Municipal Party Committee invited Party organization principals of some key municipal enterprises, county backbone enterprises and financial institutions, analyzed current situation faced by Huai’an enterprises, talked about methods about exerting functions of Party organizations and Party members in order to promote rapid and sound development of Huai’an enterprises.
At the forum, Huaigang Company, Huai’an Branch of Jiangsu Bank and other units introduced influences brought by financial crisis, communicated experiences and methods of transferring crisis into opportunities and future plans. They said: “In the face of financial crisis, Party organizations of enterprises should not sit back and wait or be negative, they should take actions as soon as possible and deal with problems actively, fully exert functions of concentrating forces, promoting development and advancing harmony and demonstration, exert functions during hardships faced by enterprises, and pass hardships together with the enterprises.”
Recently, Huai’an will carry out activities with the theme of “Enhance confidence, conquer crisis and promote development” among Party organizations of enterprises, call the organizations to exert service and guarantee functions in dealing with financial crisis and promoting enterprise development.