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Commemorative Activities of the 110th Anniversary of Premier Zhou Enlai's Birthday
The commemorative activities of the 110th Anniversary of Premier Zhou Enlai's Birthday are:
A long-distance race--"commemorating the birth of Zhou Enlai, welcoming the Beijing Olympics" on New Year's Day;
Poetry reading and water lamps floating at the Memorial Plaza in the evening of January 8th;
Organize the films, small theatrical performances, books, calligraphy and couplets with the theme of Zhou Enlai to show in countryside and communities;
Commission the Phoenix Satellite TV to produce a special propaganda video which lays stress on propagandizing cultural tourism and industrial investment;
Invite CCTV to hold a large-scaled integrated theatrical performance in Chuzhou District;
Invite 110 national famous calligraphers to write a calligraphy writing of 110 meters long at-the-spot;
Carry out a show of children paintings of 100 meters long with the theme of "study the Prime Minister, love hometown" in primary and secondary schools;
Invite delegates of revolutionists' children, Zhou Enlai's relatives and Zhou Enlai's personal workers of the deceased to visit the native land of Zhou Enlai, and give lectures;
Solicit Essays for commemorating the 110th anniversary of Zhou Enlai's birthday in well-known websites, and invite journalists to invest the Chuzhou District;
Hold special tourism propaganda meetings which theme of commemorating the 110th anniversary of Zhou Enlai's birthday in neighboring provinces such as Shandong, Shanghai, and other surrounding cities such as Nanjing, Zhenjiang, and Yangzhou, and hold the first-show ceremonies of the memorial films.
Contacts: Chuzhou organization office of commemorative activities of the 110th anniversary of Zhou Enlai's birthday (second floor of the District Culture Bureau)
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