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Former Residence of Qin Huan


Huai’an China

     Qin Huan is from Shanyang County of Huai’an Prefecture. In his early years, he learned cooking but failed, then he studied literature and later became an Imperial Scholar, he entered the Imperial Academy and finally became a provincial judge of Guangxi.
     Former residence of Qin Huan is located at the South Gate of Huai’an and with a large area. Its hundreds of rooms are still occupied by some residents today.
     Qin Shaowen is the son of Qin Huan, he was one of the renowned moneybags in Huai’an City, so the courtyard of Qin Family is richly ornamented, and it owns hundreds of rooms and delicate brick carving on gates and main halls of “Three Bright and Five Dark” style. Its houses, with fancy and unique architecture style, were repaired and expanded year after year, two of its gate towers with brick carving still exist and are now kept in Shao Lake Park, their shape and carving is very beautiful.
Address: South Gate of Huai’an
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