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Former Residence of Luo Zhenyu


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       Luo Zhenyu was born in the fifth year of Tongzhi (1866) in Dongyu Cottage of Genglou of south gate of Shanyang County of Huai'an in Jiangsu. He was a modern distinguished Golden Petrochemical expert and archaeologist in China.
        Former Residence of Luo Zhenyu is located at Luojia Alley of south gate of Huai'an 
        Family of Luo was a big family, Luo Zhenyu's grandfather left lots of family property. His grandmother was in power when Luo Zhenyu was born, She managed the whole family seriously, was kind to people and integrated feudal theory and traditional virtue, which made far-reaching influence for Luo Zhenyu's whole life. Luo Zhenyu didn't like playing games; he always read and wrote ceaselessly even if in his late years.
        Original Former Residence of Luo Zhenyu was very big; so far which had became scattered houses separated by alleys of all families of inhabitants. Luxurious house built in hundred years ago was mainly damaged, which was regretful.
Address: Luojia Alley of south gate of Huai'an
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