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Southern and Northern Thoroughfare Qingjiangpu
Huai’an China
The middle part of the Great Canal between Beijing and Hangzhou is bordered by Huaiyin Sluice Gate (now in Yangzhuang of Huaiyin District), with the upper part named Zhongyun River and the lower part named Liyun River. Liyun River traverses the urban areas of Huai’an and runs through this city; the part of it that passes the city proper of Huai’an is also known as Qingjiangpu.
It is the station of Huai’an City Party Committee and people’s government of CPC. The City Party Committee focuses on the construction of “a corridor of the culture of the ancient canal” that is the full line of Qingjiangpu of the ancient canal, and makes the Great Sluice Gate of the Qingjiang River the center point. The Great Sluice Gate of the Qingjiang River and the zones around have formed the cultural landscape district of abundant connotations.