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Poplar seedling

Dear Sirs, 玒ug Rusi? Company is the well-known producer of different agricultural products. For more detailed information about our Company, please, visit our web-site We are interested in establishing of the fast-growing poplar plantations in the South of Russia (the Rostov Region) in order to obtain the feedstock for manufacture of cellulose intermediate products as well as for the power industry. Please send us all information on the assortment and quantity of the fast-growing poplar hybrid seedlings obtained by means of the conventional selection methods (not GMO) which we could purchase from you till the spring of this year. Besides, we kindly you to provide us with the information about the planting technology, time of planting and growth, area of growing, kind of propagation, characteristics of the produced wood (density, cellulose content, fiber length) and the wood yield from 1m3. Besides, please submit us your commercial offer for the supply of 6 600 poplar cuttings of the two-year cycle (for 1 hectare) and 1 600 poplar cuttings of the five-year cycle (for 1 hectare). We would also ask you to inform us on the possibility of providing us with the poplar seedlings for planting in March or April in the Rostov Region near the City of Rostov-on-Don. Please let us know the terms of payment. With kind regards, Vladimir V. Dmitriev Director of New Technologies Center Yug Rusi Company in Russia