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Promote key works, maintain social harmony, and serve economic and social development (25/6)


Huai’an China (06/25/2010)
Anchorman: Good afternoon, friends! Welcome to our online talk today with Lin Weiming, Chief Procurator of Huai’an Procuratorate, Jin Huaijiang, Deputy Chief Procurator, and Liu Yuejin, Party group member of Huai’an Procuratorate. Our topic is “To enhance drug supervision and guarantee medicine safety”. Our topic today is “Boost three key works, maintain social harmony and guarantee economic and social development”.
Procurator Lin: Good afternoon! Welcome to online talk, I’m very glad to communicate with you.
Question: What’s the complaint phone number of Procuratorate?
Procurator Lin: Our compliant number is 12309.
Question: What are your awards for informers?
Procurator Jin: Welcome to provide clues for criminal cases, we will investigate seriously, and handle them according to laws, and provide awards. We have given awards to some informers.
Question: Which department of procuratorate is responsible for supervision of judgment of court?
Procurator Lin: Civil administration procuratorial department of procuratorate is responsible for judgment of civil and administrative cases.
Question: Are there any visit reception activities of procuratorate?
Procurator Jin: Yes, two levels of procurators received visits of the masses the day before yesterday. Each morning of Tuesdays is reception day of procurators of municipality (county, district). Procurators of municipal procuratorate attend municipal Party and government reception days of the 10th and 25th of each month.
Question: If we found criminal clues, must we go to procuratorate?
Procurator Lin: Apart from informing to procuratorate, people can also make complaints by means of telephone, letter, internet, etc.
Question: Are there female cadres in your organs, are girls suitable for procuratorates?
Procurator Lin: There are 38 female cadres in our procuratorate, accounting for one fourth of all our cadres. Girls are suitable for our works.
Question: What are the differences and junctions between duties of procuratorate and court?
Procurator Lin: Courts implement judgment functions, and procuratorates implement legal supervision functions.
Question: Can I write to you? What’s your address?
Procurator Lin: Yes, you can write to us, our address is: 22, Jiankang East Rd., 223001, Huai'an.
Question: Do procuratorates have the right of arresting people?
Procurator Jin: Procuratorates can arrest criminal suspects when handling occupational criminal cases.
Procurator Lin: Thank you very much for caring and supporting our works.
Anchorman: This is today’s online talk, thank you for attending, see you next time!