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To enhance drug supervision and guarantee medicine safety


Huai’an China (12/24/2009)
Anchorman: Good afternoon, friends! Welcome to our online talk today with Wang Jinghong, Deputy Director of Huai’an Food and Drug Administration. Our topic is “To enhance drug supervision and guarantee medicine safety”.

Director Wang: Good afternoon, I’m glad to chat with you on drugs and medicines. Drugs and medicines are related to physical health and life safety of the masses and thus draw much attention from the society and the public.

Question: Director Wang, why we can use medical insurance card in some of the drugstores, but not all of them?
Director Wang: Medical insurance contracted drugstores have obtained medicine business licenses and passed GSP authentication. Only such stores receive medical insurance card.

Question: I found some advertisements of one kind of medicine in many drugstores, I doubt that the medicine is exaggerated in its effects, what can I do?
Director Wang: If you think that the advertisements of the medicine exaggerate its effects, you can make a complaint to our bureau by phone 83750208; if the advertisements were illegal, we would hand them over to Bureau of Industry and Commerce for check-up and punishment.

Question: Nowadays albumen powder is sold everywhere, is it a medicine? Should we buy it in drugstores only?
Director Wang: Albumen powder is not a medicine, and you don’t have to buy it in drugstores.

Question: Where can we download application software for advertisement approval of medicines, health-keeping foods, and medical equipments?
Director Wang: Please visit website of Jiangsu Food and Drug Administration:, and click on “Online Application”.

Question: What kinds of drugstores need license? Shall we get a license for opening a store in town?
Director Wang: People must get medicine business license for selling medicines. You should go to the town drug and food administration when you open a drugstore in a town.

Question: Must principals, quality managers and other operators of drugstores be trained?
Director Wang: According to the 65th Clause of “Regulations for Drug Business Quality Management”: workings personnel for enterprises engaged with quality management, inspection, acceptance, custody, maintenance and operation should be trained specially, and work with a license after passing examinations.

Question: I've got a sleep disorder and need hypnotic for sleeping. It is very inconvenient for me to buy it in the hospital. I heard that hypnotic is prohibited from selling in drugstores, is that true?
Director Wang: Hypnotic is a kind of prescription drug, people can buy it in drugstores with prescription from doctors.

Director Wang: Thank for caring about our works. Many of your suggestions and opinions are really positive and helpful. We will seek for more opportunities for communicating with you in future, and do our works better.
Anchorman: This is the end for today’s talk, thank you very much for joining us, see you next time!