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Improve urban sightseeing and beautify ancient city of Huai’an


Huai’an China (10/30/2009)
Anchorman: good afternoon, welcome to online talk at "Huai’an China” Portal Website, today our guest is Deputy Director of Urban Management Bureau Wu Guolin, and our theme today is “Improve urban sightseeing and beautify ancient city of Huai’an”.

Director Wu: Good afternoon, welcome to our program, I’m glad to chat with you.

Question: Are you planning to improve uniform of urban management team?
Director Wu: Our province is making an investigation, and planning to regulate uniforms of urban management system in Jiangsu.

Question: Is afforestation managed by your bureau? Why not put some China roses along streets of Huai’an, it is the city flower of Huai’an and its florescence is long.
Director Wu: Afforestation is under jurisdiction of Forestry Bureau. We will convey your suggestion to Forestry Bureau in time.

Question: There is much news about scenery improvement in Huai’an, which sceneries are improved?
Director Wu: 1. To demolish broken and old houses; 2. To renew facades of buildings along the streets; 3. To improve advertisements and store banners; 4. To improvement brightness of night pieces; 5. To move poles and lines and maintain footpaths; 6. To control roller-blind doors and integrate commercial business status; 7. To rectify traffic orders; 8. To improve afforestation; 9. To beautify and brighten bus stations; 10. To improve people air defense facilities.

Question: Our Company is an advertising company, we want to place an outdoor billboard at a bus station, and shall we go to your bureau for approval?
Director Wu: All outdoor advertisements in urban areas should be approved by our bureau.

Anchorman: What’s the policy evidences for urban scenery improvement project? And what are the detailed requirements from the municipal government?
Director Wu: According to Huai No. [2009] 78 and other documents, and according to “Classic planning, delicate construction and refined management” required by Secretary of Municipal Party Committee Liu Yongzhong, we endeavor to explore an urbanization road that is suitable to Huai’an; besides, Mayor Gao Xuekun always emphasized that we should make plans strictly, integrate resources, and make efforts to improve urban scenic spots of Huai’an and fill the downtown with business opportunities and livingness.

Question: Does your bureau have the right of imposing fines on peddlers beside streets? Are there any regulation evidences?
Director Wu: Yes, we have. The evidence is "Management regulations of city appearance, environment and health in Jiangsu”.

Question: Major roads in Huai’an are well maintained, and brightened in nights, but some subsidiary streets are not well beautified, what are the plans for them?
Director Wu: We are now making an investigation, and the streets will also be integrated into improvement plans gradually.

Director Wu: Thank you all for asking questions, you can also visit the website of Huai’an Urban Management Bureau ( to raise questions or phone 83346110.

Anchorman: Thank you for attending, see you next time!