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Rely on technical innovation and promote scientific development


Huai’an China (09/18/2009)
Anchorman: Good afternoon, welcome to online talk of Huai’an China website. Our guest today is deputy director-general of Huai’an Science and Technology Bureau Yang Weiye. And our theme today is “rely on technical innovation and promote scientific development”.

Director Yang: Good afternoon, welcome to online talk, I’m glad to communicate with you on “rely on technical innovation and promote scientific development”.

Question: Director Yang, when will the 3rd batch of state high-tech enterprises unveiled?
Director Yang: recognition of the 3rd batch of state high-tech enterprises will be publicized on website of Ministry of Science and Technology. 6 enterprises from Huai’an are among them.
Question: our company was evaluated as a high-tech enterprise, and now we want to change our name, what should we do about the name on our certificate?
Director Yang: which level of high-tech enterprise is your company in?

Question: can I apply for patent for some small creations? Is there any limitations?
Director Yang: Yes, you can, but some small creations should be applied as practical new-type and appearance design patent.
Question: How should I apply for technology and science project assets?
Director Yang: according to management methods of relative plans for technical and scientific projects, you can make the application. Relative guidelines are released in notice column of website of our bureau.
Question: what are the differences between patent rights of your bureau and publication rights of cultural broadcasting bureau? Can I apply for patent for academic papers?
Director Yang: patent rights belong to scope of industry property right and copyright belongs to scope of literary property. But academic papers belong to scope of literary property, so they cannot have patent right.
Question: is there a state-level lab in high schools of Huai’an, or provincial-level?
Director Yang: There is no state-level lab in Huai’an. There are 2 provincial labs in Huai’an, including a lab on ecological and biological technologies in Huaiyin Teachers’ College and a lab on powder Attapulgite resources of  Huaiyin Institute of Technology.

Question: Are there any enterprise-benefited technical policies in Huai’an?
Director Yang: There are many such policies, including financial assets supporting, taxation supporting, financial supporting, self-innovation products purchasing and so on. You can consult by calling 83666591.
Question: Are there any projects linked to enterprises in colleges in Huai’an, we are a small chemical factory, and we have some technical problems need to be solved by experts, can you provide assistance.
Director Yang: colleges in Huai’an own strong R&D power in respect of chemical industry, there are many technical achievements which can be transmitted by enterprises, and they can also carry out technical innovation for enterprises, you can contact our technical achievements transferring service center: 83661573.

Director Yang: Thank you for attending our talk, we will settle remaining questions by other means.

Anchorman: today’s online talk ends now, thank you, see you next time.