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Build environmental model city and promote ecological civilization construction


Huai’an China (09/01/2009)
Anchorman: Good afternoon, welcome to “Department online” of Huai’an China website. Our guest today is deputy director-general of Huai’an environmental protection bureau Chen Xiaoxiang. Our subject is “Build environmental model city and promote ecological civilization construction”.
Director Chen: Good afternoon, welcome to our talk, I am glad to communicate with you on issues of environmental protection and ecological civilization.

Question: do you have a complaint hotline?
Director Chen: Yes, it is a 24-hour hotline, the number is 12369.
Question: It is said that the latest drainage criteria have been implemented in Jiangsu, so how does Huai’an manage enterprises which drain contamination? Is there any detailed rectifying and improving measures?
Director Chen: in 2007, Jiangsu Province adjusted drainage standards of some pollutants of our industry, Huai’an centers on establishing model city, regulates drainage behaviors, enhances supervision, and installs online monitoring system and video supervision at pollution sources, increases punishment strength of illegal drainage behaviors, and closes a batches of unqualified enterprises.

Question: Huai’an was listed as one of the favorite cities of Taiwan people, what are the opinions of Huai’an residents on Huai’an city? Is there any public-opinion poll?
Director Chen: in recent years, water environment quality of Huai’an basically reached relative requirements, and quality of atmosphere quality is top-ranking in Jiangsu. Statistic surveys in recent years also indicate that satisfactory rate of the public in Huai’an for environment is above 85%.
Question: Are sanitary issues of trunks managed by environmental protection bureau?
Director Chen: these issues are mainly managed by city management departments.
Question: My new house has been fit up, but indoor environment is not so good. Where should I go to check formaldehyde in my house?
Director Chen: As for indoor environment quality test, you can turn to test institutes of municipal quality supervision, construction, environmental protection and other departments for consultation and testing.

Question: What about the air quality in Huai’an? Can we know air quality every day? 
Director Chen: Air qualified rate of Huai’an in 2008 was 94.1%, top-ranking in Jiangsu. Our bureau releases 24-hour air quality on 14:30 every day, and forecast 24-hour air quality, you can see the information on our website.

Question: How can I get to know when I should test tail gas of my car, what are the expenses?
Director Chen: You can test your car at municipal Landun Vehicle Tail Gas Center; test fee is 60 yuan per car. Director Chen: Thank you for paying attention to our works, time is limited, so some questions will be answered by other means.

Anchorman: Today’s web talk is ended, thank you for attending!