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Implement safe drinking water project and improve life quality of peasants


Huai’an China (08/04/2009)
Anchorman: Good afternoon, welcome to “Huai’an China” network talk. Out guest today is Deputy Director-general of Bureau of Water Resource Yu Xiaochun. Our subject is “Implement safe drinking water project and improve life quality of peasants”. Nice to meet you, Director Yu.
Director Yu: Nice to meet you. Welcome to network talk. We will do our best to answer your questions on the theme.
Question: Where are sources of tap water in countryside of Huai’an? Is the water safe?
Director Yu: water sources in Xuyi County are mainly reservoirs, and tap water in other counties and districts is mainly ground water.

Question: What are the results of drinking unhealthy water?
Director Yu: If people drink dirty water for a long time, they may suffer from hepatitis, diarrhea and tummy.

Question: Can we see information on plans and construction of countryside safe water project?
Director Yu: Yes, you inquire of water conservancy departments of your county or district about such information.

Question: How many reservoirs are there in Huai’an?
Director Yu: At present, medium and large reservoirs are mainly in Xuyi County, including Longwangshan Reservoir, Guiwu Reservoir, Hongqi Reservoir, Huanong Reservoir.
Question: Is bidding information of water projects of your bureau unveiled?
Director Yu: Bidding information of all water projects is published; you can see them in our website.
Question: Which towns of Hongze County have achieved safe water in countryside? What are the supervision and control measures for safe water in the countryside?
Director Yu: In 2008. Hongze County implemented safe water project in countryside of Gaoliangjian, Zhuba, Huangji, Chahe, Renhe, Wanji and Dongshuanggou for 73,400 people. In order to enhance management for safe water, Hongze Government launched “Management methods for safe water project in Hongze County”.

Question: What is the target of safe water in countryside?
Director Yu: The provincial government launched “Notice on implementing project of safe water in countryside” in the last year, the notice required all levels of governments to focus on safe water in countryside and settle water drinking problems in countryside in 3 years. And Huai’an is expected to solve 1.2287 million countryside people with water drinking problems during “the 11th five-year”, and construction assignments will mainly be completed from 2008 to 2010.
Question: How many irrigation stations and drainage stations are there in Huai’an?
Director Yu: At present, there are 3231 electromechanical pump stations in Huai’an (179900 kilowatt), including 1886 irrigation stations, 1035 drainage stations and 310 irrigation-drainage stations.
Question: Are there any hidden trouble of water safe in Huai’an?
Director Yu: According to evaluation for investigation of water safety in countryside in Huai’an in 2005, Huai’an has 1.2287 million people in the countryside who can drink unsafe water, including surface water seriously polluted, groundwater seriously polluted and other unqualified water.

Question: Where is the main source of drinking water in urban area of Huai’an?
Director Yu: Water source of tap water in Huai’an city is Erhe River.

Question: How is materials purchasing of water projects for countryside managed?
Director Yu: We invite public bidding and choose materials and equipments from large enterprises with credit to guarantee quality of the materials and exert benefits of safe water project.

Director Yu: Thank you for caring the theme “Implement safe water drinking project and improve life quality of peasants” and safe water project in countryside!
Anchorman: This is the end of today’s talk, thank you for attending, see you next time!