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Accelerate ‘Large Culture’ construction and achieve balance between urban and rural cultural benefit


Huai’an China (06/17/2009)
Anchorman: Good afternoon, welcome to Department Line. Our guest today is Deputy Director-general of Huai’an Cultural, Broadcast, Television, News and Publication Bureau Zhang Yimin. Our theme is “Accelerate ‘Large Culture” construction and achieve balance between urban and rural cultural benefits”.
Director Zhang: Good afternoon, welcome to online talk, I am glad to communicate with you about the theme above.

Question: At present, our country has started to carry out the 3rd state cultural relic census works; I wonder present progress of census works in Huai’an.
Director Zhang: Since the 2nd half year of 2007, our country has begun the 3rd state cultural relic census. Huai’an responded actively and organized special team to do related works. Until April of 2009, we had investigated 1547 cultural relic sites, including 634 reinvestigated, 913 sites were newly found, and outdoor investigation coverage rate reaches 100%.

Question: Can we transact free reading certificate in Huai’an Library in weekends?
Director Zhang: Yes, we can. Huai’an Library is open in weekends and closed on every Wednesday afternoon.
Question: I am a university student; would you tell me the content of public cultural services?
Director Zhang: Public cultural services include radio, television and other medias, and delivery of operas, films and books, construction of cultural museum, library, town cultural stations, village cultural offices, community activity rooms, and protection for cultural relics and intangible cultural heritages and so on.

Question: Protection for intangible cultural heritages is advocated, how do you protect intangible cultural heritages in Huai’an?
Director Zhang: Our bureau enhances organization and leadership, carries out census for intangible cultural heritages, promotes construction of list system, accelerates promotion and inheriting of intangible cultural heritages and expands influences. Until now, 37 items of the 1st batch of municipal list and the 2nd batch of municipal intangible cultural heritages have been evaluated by experts initially, 66 projects were recommended to the 2nd batch of municipal intangible cultural heritages list, and they will be published after being approved by municipal government.
Question: Satellite receiver is forbidden by our country, but why can many units and families install it?
Director Zhang: Some units can install it after being approved, and foreign people living in China can also apply to related department for installation.

Question: He’nan Province is going to apply for cultural relic for dumpling (Jiaozi); can Huai’an apply for cultural relics for steamed dumpling and Qin’gong meat ball?
Director Zhang: Wenlou Steamed Dumpling of Huai’an has been listed for municipal cultural relic protection, and cultural relic title of Qin’gong meat ball is being applied for.
Question: It is said that large culture construction contains “4 new systems” and “five centers”, what do they refer to?
Director Zhang: 4 new systems are: new fashion of civilization and ethics, new network of public cultural service, new pattern of cultural industry and new state of cultural development. 5 centers are: cultural and art center, cultural relic protection and exhibition center, cultural tourism and food recreation center, cultural products distribution and sales center, modern media and transmit center.

Question: Are movie cards still sold in cinema?
Director Zhang: Yes, you can buy the card in Huai’an Great Hall of People.
Question: What about the progress of teleplay “Great General Han Xin”?
Director Zhang: Start-up ceremony of the teleplay was held in Huai’an on May 23rd, its shooting location is mainly at Dangyang, Hubei.

Anchorman: Today’s online talk is ending now, thank you for attending, see you next time!