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“Guiding by science and planning afforestation as a whole”---Huai’an Forestry Bureau


Huai’an China (05/04/2009)
Anchorman: Good afternoon, welcome to network feedback of “Huai’an China” website. Today our guests are: member of Party Committee and Deputy Director of Huai’an Forestry Bureau Zhang Xiansheng and Zhou Bidong. Our theme is “Guiding by science, giving priority to ecology and planning afforestation of urban and rural areas as a whole”. Director Zhang and Zhou, welcome to our column.

Director Zhang: Good afternoon, I am very glad to communicate with you on issues of Huai’an forestry and gardening.
Question: I am not a Huai’an native; I have just made a girlfriend, which parks in Huai’an are suitable for us?
Director Zhang: You are welcomed to make girlfriend in Huai’an. Huai’an has elegant Qingyan Garden, beautiful Bochi Hill Park, natural Willow Bay Park, and you will taste culture, green water and sceneries in these parks.
Question: Chuxiu Park wins good reputation after it was opened for free last year; I wish other parks will also be free.
Director Zhang: Peach Blossom Park is to be opened for free in the future, and Bochi Hill Park is planned to be constructed into an open-type green space to integrate the park into the city and make it an infrastructure for recreation of citizens.
Question: I have a new construction enterprise in Huai’an and I want to apply for Grade 3 qualification for gardening afforestation, how should I apply for it?
Director Zhang: it involves application, documents and approval; please inquire Planning Construction Division of Huai’an Forestry Bureau. Its telephone number is 83902196.
Question: Is flower planting approved by Forestry Bureau, which procedures I should transact as I want to open a flower and plant garden.
Director Zhang: I am glad to hear that, you don’t need to transact any procedure in our bureau, and you can contact our Afforestation Division if you need technical assistance. Its telephone is 83902295.
Question: When will the new zoo be completed?
Director Zhang: The new zoo has been started construction and is expected to be completed in the next year.

Question: Hello, I am a principal of a real estate project in Huai’an, what kinds of trees are suitable to be planted in residential areas of Huai’an?
Director Zhang: Evergreen arbors include: cedar, southern magnolia, glossy privet and camphor tree. Deciduous arbors include: Chinese soapberry, gingkgo, silk tree, Chinese bischopwood and so on. Shrubs include: heath, sweet osmanthus, Chinese flowering crabapple, kerria, common crapemyrtle and so on. You can inquire for “Huai’an garden afforestation manual” from Planning Division of our bureau for detailed introductions.
Anchorman: Director Zhang, please introduce city tree and city flower of Huai’an.
Director Zhang: In recent years, we enhance cultivation of city tree---cedar, and apply tree seedlings to improve survival rate and life-force of cedar; besides, we actively introduce and promote city flower China rose, as one of the 8 largest China rose centers in China, and our China rose introduced various categories to improve afforestation effect.

Director Zhang: Thank you for your care and assistance, please go on to care about forestry and gardening works in Huai’an.

Anchorman: today’s network feedback is ended now, thank you for attendance, and see you next time.