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Building Culture Industry into a Pillar Industry of Huai’an
Host: Welcome to Online Talk of Huai’an Government Portal. Today our guests are Vice Mayor of Huai’an Wang Honghong, Deputy Secretary General Wang Lihua and Director of Huai’an Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film, TV, Press and Publication Yang Bin. Our topic is “Building Culture Industry into a Pillar Industry of Huai’an”.
Question: What kind of opportunities can culture industry of Huai’an bring to enterprises?
Wang Honghong: Culture industry is a sunrise industry, it develops fast and is focused by the government. In 2010, the state confirmed it as a pillar industry during the 12th Five-Year Plan, which will account for more than 5% of GDP, so it is the very time to get involved.
Huai’an has launched a series of preferential policies and made significant achievements.
Question: What aspects does the current culture industry of Huai’an include?
Yang Bin: There are ten categories of the current culture industry of Huai’an: news publication, broadcasting, TV and film, culture and arts, cultural information spreading, cultural creation and design, cultural recreation and entertainment, arts and crafts production, auxiliary production of cultural products, production of cultural goods and special equipment for culture.
Question: What are the policies on water and electricity for investment in culture enterprises?
Wang Honghong: Subsidies on office rent, water and electricity are offered for culture enterprises in industrial parks, including Huai’an Software Park, 83 Cultural Creation Park, Qinghe Ads Creation Park, etc. Other preferential policies are also implemented for investments towards the whole municipality.
Question: Has Huaiyang Dishes Food and Culture Festival been held? It seems there is no evening party this time.
Wang Lihua: The festival this year has been held in September, no evening party was held, according to the state’s proposal on “thrift”.
Question: It seems that culture industry of Huai’an is not as famous as the same industry in Suqian and Xuzhou, Xiangwang Hometown in Suqian and Han Culture in Xuzhou are very famous.
Wang Honghong: Culture industry in Suqian and Xuzhou develops rapidly, and the industry in Huai’an also witness fast development. In 2012, added value of culture industry of Huai’an reached 6.004 billion yuan, the increase rate was 61.5%, accounting for 3.13% of GDP. According to the provincial evaluation in 2012, the composite ranking of culture industry in Huai’an ranked the 8th in Jiangsu, and the 1st in Northern Jiangsu, the development speed ranked the 2nd in Jiangsu Province.
Question: What are the policies for supporting the animation industry in Huai’an?
Yang Bin: For original cartoons of Huai’an which are presented by the central and provincial TV stations, 1000 yuan and 500 yuan per minute rewards are offered; the total reward can be up to 300,000 yuan. And guidance subsidies from the province and municipality are also provides, and taxes are reduced.
Question: Brick-and-mortar bookstores are fading, it is rumored that Huitong Book Market will be moved, is that true?
Wang Honghong: In recent years, the brick bookstores are facing severe situation because of online bookstores and rising operation costs, Huitong Book Market is no exception, but it will not be relocated in 2 years.
Question: I want to establish a culture enterprise, is there any fund support?
Yang Bin: You can consult the Industry Office of the Municipal Bureau of Culture and Broadcasting, their telephone number is 83668556.
Question: Is there any WIFI station in the downtown area?
Wang Lihua: Huai’an City is now wholly covered by WIFI network, the providers offer certain periods of free using, you can consult the operators.
Question: Do we have any provincial culture industry demonstrative parks?
Wang Honghong: Yes, Ancient Huaihe River Culture Industrial Park is a provincial level one.
Question: Can you introduce the content of the emerging culture industry in Huai’an?
Wang Lihua: In recent years, emerging culture industry including creative design, cartoon, internet and software develops rapidly in Huai’an. Jiangsu Chutianji Cartoon Company is the 1st cartoon company in Huai’an which passed the state certification. And Huai’an Software Park brought in more than 60 tech companies of software, service outsourcing, internet cartoon, game and culture creation, Guandan game software makes the game popular in the whole country.