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Expand opening-up and serve the people - Huai’an Bureau of Commerce


Huai’an China
Department: Huai’an Bureau of Commerce
Leader: Sun Jian, Director-General of Bureau of Commerce
Theme: Expand opening-up and serve the people
Date: June, 29th, 2011.
Question: I’ve heard that these are subsidies for enterprises attending foreign fairs, would you give some details?
Sun Jian: The state and province provide subsidies of 50%-70% of booth fees for medium and small-sized enterprises, based on related regulations, you can check our website for details:

Question: Would you explain service outsourcing?
Sun Jian: Some developed countries have a lot of businesses like software development, biomedicine research and so on, but they don’t have enough employees to do these, so they hand the businesses over to enterprises in Huai'an, and therefore our enterprises can increase income and join the international industries.
Question: How many foreign-invested enterprises does Huai’an have?
Sun Jian: Till the end of 2010, Huai’an had approved establishment of more than 1400 foreign-invested enterprises.
Question: Can I access data of export and import of Huai’an at your website?
Sun Jian: The data of export and import is published by the State Customs Administration, data of  the 1st half year will be published in the mid of July, and you can check the data at our website then.
Question: How can I report bogus wines? Any rewards?
Sun Jian: You can call the hotline 12312, and there is no reward now.