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Do project audit well and serve economy of Huai’an


Huai’an China (3/3/2011)
Anchorman: Good afternoon! Welcome to online talk. Our guest today is Xu Zhenggang, Deputy-director of Commission of Development and Reform of Huai’an, and our topic today is “Do project audit well and serve economy of Huai’an”.
Director Xu: Good afternoon. I’m very glad to have this opportunity to communicate with you.
Question: Will housing price of Huai’an be controlled or drop this year?
Director Xu: In recent years, real estate industry of Huai’an has been keeping nice trend of rapid and sound development. And there is a nice matching between rise of house price and regional economic development. Although some of the prices rise rapidly, this year’s house price can hopefully be kept in a proper scale.
Question: What's your view about the influence of joining Yangtze Delta of Huai’an on social and economic development of Huai'an?
Director Xu: Formal joining into Yangtze Cities Cycle of Huai’an will boost optimization of industrial structures of Huai’an, and promote cooperation with other cities in information market, tourism and finance.
Question: What’s the plan of Huai’an Lianshui Airport, how many airlines will be added?
Director Xu: At present, the 1st phase project of Huai’an Airport has been put into use, and 5 airlines have been opened, and 3 airlines to the western cities are expected to be opened this year.
Question: What's the project audit procedure of Commission of Development and Reform?
Director Xu: Procedure of audit varies with different kinds of projects. We have publicized the procedures at the portal government and administrative approval center. You can visit them or call us by 0517-83908019.
Question: Are government-invested projects publicized before audit?
Director Xu: Detailed publication system is followed by important governmental invested projects.
Question: Prices of most life necessities rise, how do you think of this?
Director Xu: This issue has been focused by the Party and the state, and related departments have taken a series of measures to restrict prices of life necessities, at present, a certain achievements have been made, and the prices will be supervised.
Question: Which indutries do the state-eliminated outdated capacities refer to?
Director Xu: Key industries of eliminated outdated capacities include: power, coal, steel, cement, non-ferrous metal, coke, paper making, tanning, printing and dyeing, etc.
Question: Can you introduce recent plan of some important constructions?
Director Xu: This year Huai’an plans to implement 1280 projects of over 50 million yuan, with a total investment of 200 billion yuan. 160 of the projects have more than 1 billion yuan investment. You can call us by 83945373 to get more information.
Question: what are the bright spots of social and economic development last year?
Director Xu: A lot of bring spots emerged in development of society and economy of Huai’an last year. Increase rates of main economic indexes are top-ranking in Jiangsu province. And common budge revenues of 7 counties (districts) exceeded 1 billion yuan. Scale of municipal utilized foreign capital exceeded 1 billion US dollars, and scale of county (district) utilized foreign capital exceeded 100 million US dollars.
Question: Do you have any plan for a blog or miniblog?
Director Xu: All our audit issues are publicized on our website: We have not any schedule for blog or miniblog at present.
Question: Days ago Premier Wen said cadres will have to publicize their assets in the future, what do you think?
Director Xu: I support this idea.
Director Xu: Thank you very much for caring our work!
Anchorman: Thank you for attending, see you next time!