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Achievements of transportation during the 11th Five-Year and planning during the 12th”
Huai’an China (1/26/2011)
Anchorman: Good afternoon! Welcome to “Online Talk” of Huai’an, our guest today is Tang Daolun, Director-General of Huai’an Transport Bureau, and our theme is “Achievements of transportation during the 11th Five-Year and planning during the 12th”.

Director-general Tang: Good afternoon! I’m glad to communicate with you on issues of transport administration.

Question: I usually take buses between Huai’an city and Hongze County, buses of this route have been improved in recent years, but some of drivers do not have a good attitude. Sometimes when I go to a temporary waiting spot to take the bus to Huai’an from Hongze, and the bus comes as I’m just several steps away from the spot, but it wouldn’t stop. And sometimes, when I go to Huangji Town from Huai’an, I ask the driver to stop at a place about 200 meters far from the get-off spot, but the driver becomes impatient and says I should buy a ticket to Zhuba Town, because I have passed the Huangji spot for getting off.
Tang: Passenger transport industry is a window of transportation, and we’ve been making all efforts to promote civilized services in years, especially services of drivers. We will attach great importance to your concern, and require passenger transport enterprises to strengthen trainings for drivers.

Question: Bus No.8 is always very crowded; more buses should be put into the route!
Tang: Bus No.8 is a major bus connecting downtown and Chuzhou District, it runs through a long route, so it carries many people, especially during peak hours. We will require the bus company to enhance monitoring, and add buses as needed.

Question: I’m from Wangyuan, and I work in Chuzhou Salt Chemical Industrial Park, and have to go round from Ning-Lian Highway. I want to know when the Irrigation Canal Bridge will be completed.
Tang: It will be completed and open to traffic before the end of June of 2011.

Question: I’m an ordinary citizen of Huai’an, I want to know how much money was invested into truck highways during the “11th five-year plan”?
Tang: During the “11th five-year plan”, Huai’an completed nearly 7.4 billion yuan investment in state and provincial trunks, with 289 kilometers of highways open to traffic.

Question: Will Huai-Yang-Zhen Railway be started construction this year?
Tang: This railway has been listed into the ministry and provincial agreements, and is required to be constructed during the “12th Five-Year Plan”, and is expected to be started construction in this year.

Question: What's the meaning of “Large Transportation”?
Tang: The meaning of “Large Transportation” includes: comprehensive development of highway, railway, waterway and airway, complement each other with advantages, smooth transformation, form composite transportation system.

Question: Yan River Route Regulatory Project was started construction last year, and what’s the plan of the project in 2011?
Tang: About 1 billion yuan will be invested into the route this year, and main part of the ship lock will be built, and all subitem projects will be started construction.

Tang: Thank you very much for caring and helping transport system. Wish you a happy new year!

Anchorman: Thank you for attending! See you next time!