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Huai’an Civil Affairs Bureau (Audit of setting up social welfare institutions)


Audit of social welfare institutions set up by Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots, overseas Chinese and foreigners (initial audit)
Huai’an China

Legal basis:
“Interim Measures for the management of social welfare institutions” of Ministry of Civil Affairs (the 19th order) and “Implementing regulations of interim measures for the management of social welfare institutions” of Jiangsu Province
Handling deadline:
1 day
Commitment period:
1 day
Handling department:
Social Welfare and Social Affairs Division of Huai’an Civil Affairs Bureau
Handling place:
No.106, Jiankang East Rd., Huai’an
Service guideline:
Preparations: 1. Application; 2. Feasibility study report; 3. Qualifications certificate of applicant; 4. Certification documents about capital sources for planned social welfare institution; 5. Certification documents about fixed place for planned social welfare institution.
Supervision telephone: