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Huai’an Foreign Economic and Trade Bureau (Importing updating equipments, technologies, etc.)


Certificates for foreign-invested enterprises to import updating equipments, technologies and accessories and spare parts
Huai’an China

Legal basis:
Notice about relative questions of handling “Project confirmation of domestic and foreign invested projects encouraged by the state” for foreign-invested enterprises from Ministry of Commerce
Acceptance conditions:
Foreign-invested enterprises import updating equipments, technologies and accessories and spare parts
Handling deadline:
2 days
Commitment period:
2 days
Handling department:
Foreign Investment Management Division of Huai’an Foreign Economic and Trade Bureau
Handling place:
Transacting window of foreign economic and trade of Huai’an Municipal Administrative and Approval Center (Address: No.1, Dianji Rd., Qinghe District, Huai’an)
Handling procedure:
Service guideline:
1. Copies of “Approval certificate” and “Business license” of investment enterprises; 2. Original reply (not including wholly foreign-owned enterprises) of feasibility report of foreign-invested enterprises (including project suggestion letters); 3. Original reply of “Contract" (not including wholly foreign-owned enterprises) and “Constitution” of foreign-invested enterprises; 4. Audited financial statement of the 1st half year; 5. List in triplicate of equipments planned to be imported.
Supervision telephone: