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Huaian Welcomes Mobile Payments for Bus Fares
Zhang Shujun, a resident of Huaian City, successfully paid 1 yuan (${article.htmlContent}.16) with his mobile phone to take the No. 1 bus, noting “it’s so convenient now and I can pay bus fare by scanning the QR code.”
The city is seeing a dramatic change in the method of paying bus fares. An app developed by Huaian City Bus Company allows payment by scanning a code, saving passengers the trouble of using small change or carrying a bus card.
Users will get a QR code after topping up their account on the app, and then swipe the code against a scanner on the bus to pay the fare.
QR code-based payment is now available on 400 buses of 20 routes in Huaian, with full coverage on all buses expected by the end of this year.