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Huaian Launches 1st Service Platform for Intelligent Manufacturing
The Huaian New and High-Tech Industry Development Zone joined hands on Mar. 6 with Germany’s Institute for Automation and Industrial Technology to launch a cooperation and service platform for intelligent manufacturing and innovation, the first such platform between the two countries.
China and Germany announced the initiation of Industry 4.0 cooperation in 2014. Then in July 2015, the two countries established a joint work mechanism for intelligent manufacturing.
The development zone will partner with Institute for Automation and Industrial Technology to build up a cooperation and service platform with the support of German companies and research institutions including Fraunhofer-Gesellschafts and the European Institute of Innovation & Technology. Based on the simulations of intelligent factories and production lines, the platform will increase integration between the next generation information technology and manufacturing industry. Through training and real-life cases, it will also benefit and propel the development of intelligent manufacturing in companies, universities and research institutes located in northern Jiangsu. At the same time, through the Sino-Germany cooperation platform, more industrial sources from Germany will be introduced to Huaian.
At the launch ceremony, 11 German companies and research institutes signed the cooperation agreement for building the platform.