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Huaian Turns to PPP Model for Better Sanitation
The environmental and sanitation authorities in Huaian city will adopt the public-private partnership (PPP) model and work with qualified companies to keep the urban roads clean.
Local authorities are currently conducting studies and researches over the new approach. The city’s Qingjiangpu district and economic development zone will complete the bidding for the PPT initiative this year, with programs to be launched before the next year in these two areas.
With the introduction of the PPP model, the city plans to establish an integrated management system over sanitation, with sanitation workers, vehicles, standards, working times and emergency response all in unified ways.
A staff from the city’s urban management bureau said the participation of enterprises will make clear the sanitation standards, duties and responsibilities. Meanwhile, thanks to plenty of mechanical equipment and rich experiences in waste recycling, these companies can apply these advantages to improve the sanitation services, enhance the quality, and promote the garbage classification, collection, treatment and reuses, such as to make paper pulp. This will ensure better waste management and recycling in Huaian and effectively enhance the sanitation level.