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Elderly Reading Club Spearheads Learning Zhou Enlai Spirit
Elderly people in a reading club in Huaian City, Jiangsu Province have set a classic example of inheriting and carrying out the spirit of former premier Zhou Enlai.
Even at an advanced age, they continue to make contributions to local communities, spread the great deeds and stories of Zhou through writing poems and other ways, and more importantly, practice the former leader’s ethical codes in real life to make his hometown more beautiful.
Wu Yushan, director of the reading club, said “learning from Zhou Enlai is not a slogan, and we hope people can take the words and acts of Zhou Enlai as a mirror and learn from his high moral standards and great character”.
Wu also said it’s meaningful for a native of Huaian city to learn from Zhou and promote his spirit among more people.
The reading club established in 2016 mainly consists of retirees but also attracts book lovers of younger ages. Members have been active in all kinds of activities for public good across the city.