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Huai’an Plans to Boost Elderly Care
The eastern city of Huai’an plans to pay for the care of 43,000 people in advanced age and promote home-based facilities and services amid new efforts to cope with an aging society.
The city plans to build 100 meal centers for the elderly, open 25 centers in rural and urban communities for senior residents who live in their own, and upgrade 218 existing centers to meet higher standards.
According to the plan, priority will be given to people advanced in years and those with family difficulties, especially the elderly who live alone or are empty nesters. Beneficiaries can customize the services they want, such as asking for helpers to buy vegetables, cook, do house cleaning for them, or receiving assistance with a visit to the community’s service facility.
Huai’an has more than 1.088 million people over 60 years old, accounting for 19.17 percent of the city's population as the city is clearly on the path to an aging and hyper-aged society. In 2014, the city began establishing elderly care centers and standardized facilities and services in some communities.