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Huai'an Keywords: Prioritizing Ecological Development

Huai'an has boasted fertile land, ample resources and beautiful scenery since ancient times. How to highlight its advantages and leapfrog development on this ecologically advantageous land? The CPC Jiangsu committee and Jiangsu government put forth the initiative of building the "Jianghuai Ecological Economic Zone", which pointed out the direction for Huai'an's future development - prioritizing ecological development, pursuing green development, combining industrial development with environmental protection, and tapping new economy out of beautiful scenery.
Huai'an made it clear that it will never trade environment for short-term economic growth, will not repeat the old path of "pollution first, governance later", will never trade the happiness of later generations for the "affluence" of the current one, and will never sway in its resolve of "environmental protection" even in face of downward economic pressure. Huai'an will continue to develop green industries, accelerate the supply-side structural reform and industrial transformation and upgrade, promote the conservation and efficient utilization of resources, and advocate green lifestyle.
In the overall plan of the city, Huai'an always puts ecological development first, and has optimized the urban spatial layout along the three axes of the Liyun River, the Grand Canal and the Huaihe River to highlight its feature as an ecological water town. Based on the Hongze River and Baima River areas, the city makes full use of its ecological, cultural and folk custom resources and prioritizes the development of rural tourism, health-keeping tourism and all-for-one tourism, aiming to build a demonstration zone for green development at a faster pace. Huai'an is striving to create a path of ecological and green development with its own characteristics in some counties and townships first.