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Huai’an Sets up Intangible Heritage Protection Association

A number of inheritors of intangible cultural heritage, including Pulou Vinegar and Sauce, Ji Yunhua Ceramic Carving and Wu Xiaoqi Egg-Shell Carving in Qingjiangpu district of Huai’an city in East China’s Jiangsu province, gathered on the afternoon of Oct 18. They were there to discuss intangible cultural heritage protection schemes based on the newly established Qingjiangpu District Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Association, which has nearly 100 members to date, including 30 intangible cultural inheritors.

Huai’an city boasts six national-level, 33 provincial-level, 163 city-level and nearly 400 county or district-level intangible cultural heritages, and owns two national-level, 12 provincial-level and 213 city-level intangible cultural inheritors. With constant in-depth intangible cultural heritage protection, it is necessary for the city to explore various effective measures in its intangible cultural heritage protection.