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Li Yinjiang: Nursing Home Director Giving Elders Happy Lives - Note of Deputy of the 19th CPC National Congress

Li Yinjiang is a role model for Jiangsu province. As director of a nursing home in Guiwu town, Xuyi county in Huai'an, and a deputy to the 19th CPC National Congress, he carries an old notebook with him wherever he goes — full of the things ordinary people are concerned about.

Li Yinjiang joined the CPC in 1980, and he had fond memories of his duty as a Party member for the past 37 years. In the opinion of this grassroots Party member, being kind to the elderly is a way of performing his responsibilities to society, showing loyalty to the Party and to the country.

On June 6, 1986, Li was assigned to build a nursing home in Guiwu town and be its director. The town Party Committee asked him to "do a good job", so Li went to live at the construction site and was extremely busy for more than three months. Li took personal responsibility for everything, from the purchase of materials to bidding, quality control and acceptance inspection. The nursing home, which includes 11 one-story houses, eight dorms, three kitchens and one toilet, was completed on September 25. Li built the shelter for elders with no family.

To make sure the elders in need can access him anytime, Li Yinjiang made a name card, with his name and cellphone number as well as a sentence that is basically his job description: “Helping the poor and needy, overcoming difficulties, making connections, resolving conflicts.” Since then, his phone is on around the clock, and he never hesitates to help others, whether the request is within his work duties or not.

From the age of 29 to 60, Li Yinjiang has worked at the hursing home in Guiwu town. The young man who built that home has grown older, but the nursing home has never looked more brand new. It has been expanded from 4.2 mu to 34.5 mu (one mu equals about 666.68 square meters), houses have expanded from 200 square meters to the current 2,850 square meters, and there are more service functions and residents here, including orphaned or handicapped children, seriously disabled adults and empty nesters. Although he is already at the age of retirement, Li decided to work for a few more years: "Not for fame or money”, he said. “Just to do a little more to give the elders a happy late life.”